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We now offer Plumbing to our Dallas and Fort Worth areas!

Plumbing Division Masters Services

We now offer plumbing to our Dallas and Fort Worth service areas!

As our company grows we have taken a look to see what would be needed from our clients in order to give them the best service possible. It is with that in mind that we are very excited to announce that we have added a Registered Master Plumber to our staff!

Welcome to Josh Wilkerson Master Plumber!

Josh started his working career in the customer service field, helping customers to solve problems and handling any complaints they may have had with their service. This then lead him to management roles which fed his enjoyment of problem solving and troubleshooting. So 11 years ago when his father in law asked him if he had any interest in a field dealing with customer service, troubleshooting and problem solving in and ever evolving field his natural answer was “Yes!”. He started that day and spent the first 6 months getting a feel for the field of plumbing which he quickly learned was the perfect place for him.

We can do it all!

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There are two major specialty areas in plumbing: Construction Plumbing – these are the plumbers who have trained and become extremely experienced in the plumbing needs of new buildings. They generally work with Architects to assist in the planning as well as construction of public buildings as well as public and city water works. The other is known as Service Plumbing – these are the guys that a homeowner calls when there is a leaking sink, a blown water heater, a broken pipe. These guys have trained in every possible home plumbing scenario and know exactly what to do to help you.

For the first five years of Josh’s plumbing training and experience he focused on construction plumbing. Until one day when a friend jokingly told him, “You know you are not a real plumber until you can do it all!” This immediately became Josh’s goal – to be a Master Plumber. He then spent the next five years honing his skills and abilities in the area of service plumbing. This has culminated in his certification as a Master Plumber, to be concise, he can do it all!

Josh has been married to his lovely wife Kayla for 11 years. Her great voice got her to Hollywood week in season 7 of American Idol! Josh loves spending time with Kayla and their three children and their 10 year old lab mix, who secretly still thinks he’s a puppy.

How do you get service?

At this time we are only able to offer plumbing services in our Dallas and Fort Worth service areas. We will be ready to service homes any day now, we are waiting on the final State insurance. The best way to get scheduled for plumbing service is to call us at Masters Services 972-877-4650 or 817-205-5749. You can also contact us through our website contact us today!

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