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If you need a Farmers Branch plumber call Masters Services!

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If you need a Farmers Branch plumber call Masters Services!

When you need Farmers Branch plumber you can count on us. From small repairs to big jobs that you don’t want to tackle on your own we can help you out. We install and repair water heaters – both the tank and tankless variety and we can convert your system if you would like to have a tankless system put in place. Our Farmers Branch plumber can fix or install; Tubs, Showers, Garbage Disposal units, Drain pipe, Water pipe, Gas pipe, Sinks, Fixtures and more. You can call and set an appointment for a free estimate on any of the repairs or installations that you are considering.

Some of the more popular services that we offer are: Drain Clearing, Toilet installation, Fixture replacement/repair, pressure testing, and slab leak detection. Our Farmers Branch plumber schedules appointments throughout the day and will be happy to give you an estimate for any work you need done. There is no waiting all day for the plumber to come, he will call when he is on his way and make sure that you are available for your appointment.

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Our Farmers Branch plumber arrives in uniform driving a logoed vehicle, with the tools of the trade to complete the job you scheduled. He is prompt, courteous and very knowledgeable with over ten years of experience.

Here are some interesting bits of trivia regarding plumbing;

Men usually lose money, ID or wallets in the toilet or drain, Women are more likely to lose accessories or jewelry. Men are more likely to fish it out with their hands; women tend to call service companies like us.

About 1 in 3 people in America sing in the shower.

It’s a myth that Thomas Crapper invented the toilet. He did have a man working for him who patented a flushable toilet though – He may very well have bought the patent from his employee.

The bathroom has been called many things in the course of history, the Egyptians and Israelis called it “House of Honor”, the French called it “La chambre sent” – the smelly room, the Romans used the “Necessarium” and the Tudors used the “House of privacy” or privy.

Before toilet paper, people used a shell as a scraper or a sponge on a stick.

If you have a leak or emergency and you need help fast, our Farmers Branch plumber (972) 877-4650 can come right away.

We can even do service calls after normal business hours or on the weekends if you really need it. When you need a plumber to come out and give you an estimate, fix a leak, install a faucet or clear you drain you can count on courteous, prompts and professional service from our Farmers Branch plumber with Masters Services.

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