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We have a Master Carrolton Plumber on board!

Up-close picture of Water from Shower head

We have a Master Carrolton Plumber on board!

Have you been looking for Carrolton Plumbing Services? Masters Services now offers Plumbing Services in the Carrolton area. Just call our office at 972 877 4650 to set up an initial appointment with one of our certified master plumbers.

Do you have a faulty water heater in your Carrolton home?

Water Heaters

Our Carrolton Plumber can take a look at your water heater and determine why it has stopped working, or is working less efficiently. Having a faulty water heater, unfortunately is a common plumbing problem. Hot water is a very important part of every household! Not only does it kills germs and bacteria, but it keeps our houses warm, and heats our showers. If you have a faulty water heater, there could be a broken part that is blocking the water flow, or something else, like a loose connection. Our Carrolton Plumber can come to your home, assess your water heater and determine the correct plan of action to get your water heater up and working top notch again!!

Do you have a toilet that keeps clogging? Do you have a straight up blocked toilet?

Toilet Repairs

YUCK! Let our professionals handle this embarrassing problem. Have you tried all the basics – plunging, cleaning, etc? Then it is definitely time to hand this problem over to our professional Carrolton Plumbers. Blocked toilets are a very common plumbing service complaint. But they shouldn’t be and don’t have to be. What might seem like an easy plunger job that you can fix on your own, might actually be a more complicated problem. If your toilet keeps getting backed up, this is NOT normal. Often it is caused from a build- up of waste that will require professional attention from one of our Master Carrolton Plumbers. Our plumbers at Masters Services can help with a blocked toilet issue. Our Carrolton plumbers Masters Services can help you with this nuisance plumbing issue, so that you don’t have to!

Have you had a chimney company come out to assess your broken gas fireplace, only to tell you that you need to hire a plumber to work on the gas line?

Masters Services Carrolton Plumbing can help with this! Not only can our technicians service the fireplace itself, but our professional Master Plumbers can deal with gas line issues related to your gas log fireplace. Why not have one of our plumbers take a look at your faulty gas line and see if he can get your gas log fireplace up and running before the fall rush hits all the chimney companies. Wouldn’t it be nice to have you fireplace working and all set before those cold cozy nights even start?

Call Masters Services today, at (972) 877-4650 to set up an appointment with one of our experienced Carrolton Area Plumbing Experts.

We are family owned and operated, and have been open for over 16 years. We have an A plus rating on the better business bureau, and our techs will arrive in a logo’d truck, in uniform, with a professional and courteous attitude.

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