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DIY and plumbing Denton

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DIY and plumbing Denton should not always be used in the same sentence.

Plumbing can involve a wide variety of services. It can be as simple as fixing a leaky faucet or, it can involve a more difficult task like, repairing or replacing a busted water pipe or water line, to installing a new appliance. If your plumbing project is not something you feel comfortable with doing yourself, make sure you hire a reputable licensed and insured plumber. The extra money to hire a professional could be a ‘money well spent’ decision, rather than possibly creating a larger, more expensive problem!

For instance, at the end of the fall season, the outside spigot should be covered with a styrofoam housing or, something similar. This is to prevent the spigot (a.k.a. hose bib) from freezing during the winter months. The same goes for any exposed or, above the ground water lines (the water lines may even be made out of PVC tubing). On these, you can cover these with material similar to ‘pool noodles’, found in hardware or ‘do-it-yourself’ stores. Let’s say one of these things were forgotten. The weather forecast is calling for a frigid drop in temperature with wintry precipitation. You’ve been able to get to the grocery store to stock up on more groceries and other necessities, made preparations for work and/or school, checked to make sure you have enough ‘de-icer’ for the steps and walkway. You wake up and go to start the coffee but, when you turn the faucet handle or knob, little to no water comes out! Or, when you open the cabinet door to look under the sink, you notice the pipe has ‘frost’ on it. This scenario means you either have frozen pipes and now they need to be thawed or, they have busted, after they’ve frozen.

Perhaps you have a toilet that ‘runs’ after its’ been flushed. You’ve ‘jiggled’ the handle, replaced the hardware in the tank but, still it ‘runs’ constantly. Now, you’re literally ‘flushing your money down the toilet’ because, the tank is taking in water, as its’ flushing it, by the constant running. Same thing with a leaky tub, shower or toilet. Either one of these issues can also involve the wall and/or floor getting damaged, requiring repair. Replacing a water heater is a difficult project. First of all, if you’ve never done it before, it’s not wise to attempt it. The project recommends having a licensed plumber disconnect the electrical wiring from the old water heater then, re-connecting on the new unit.

Clogged drains or toilets can and probably should be handled by a licensed plumber because, it could involve the use of a ‘snake’. If someone untrained attempts to do this, there could be considerable damage to the plumbing pipes and toilet. Here’s another scenario: you’ve had that load of laundry in the dryer for quite some time now but, it’s just not drying like it used to! There’s a possibility it MAY not be your dryer but, the dryer vent is clogged with lint. Your dryer may be vented from the side of the house or, it could be vented from the roof. If your home has more than 1 level and it’s vented from the roof, that’s a different story! Now, that’s going to require you to get on a ladder. Plus, all depending on the height and pitch of your roof, it’s probably safer to hire a professional.

Hire a professional, a master plumber is the best!

Some other things a licensed plumber is useful and beneficial for are installation and repair of garbage disposals, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers, ice makers, water filters and reverse osmosis water filter systems. Some manufacturers even require the buyer to hire a licensed and insured plumber to install their product in order for the warranty to be valid. Imagine spending a lot on a new appliance and having the warranty voided because you chose to install it yourself (praying along the way you do it correctly!) or, you called that ‘handy man’ service you found in the local green sheet!

Do your homework and research…before contracting just ANYBODY!

When hiring for your plumbing Denton services and projects, ask yourself this: what’s the company’s ratings? Read the comments by past customers. Are they listed and recommended through a service? Before tackling a project on your own, consider the time and difficulty of the project. In the long run, hiring a licensed and insured plumber that’s trained in their profession will give you peace of mind.

Masters Services, (972) 877-4650, is the solution to your plumbing Denton needs, with our Master Plumber on staff and running calls personally.

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