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Denton plumbing needs a Master Plumber

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Denton plumbing needs a Master Plumber!

If you are reading this you have probably decided to look for a Denton Master Plumber to fix an issue in your home or give you some advice in case of an accident or emergency. To become a Master Plumber in the state of Texas you must have had at least 8000 hours of work experience (which roughly calculates to about 4 years experience, working 40 hours a week), have been a journeyman plumber for at least a year and be able to pass the state testing regarding plumbing codes and rules. That’s a lot of work to get your license and it shows in the professionalism of our plumber at Masters Services.

Our Master Plumber at Masters Services can install a gas line to your new fireplace, replace or repair existing lines, clear a sewage line, a drain pipe, install a hot water heater and more. Please just give us a call at Masters Services Denton plumbing to find out the services we offer or you can alternatively check our website to find out more!

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This is as annoying as it gets… Masters Services can help you to get some peaceful sleep as well as making sure that your faucets are in good working condition. Call us for an appointment today!

Many times, the best solution is to call an expert. We are expert at diagnosis, as well as solutions for whatever situation you find yourself in. A clogged pipe, a burned out garbage disposal, a tub that won’t drain… we can diagnose and solve all of these problems, give us a call and we will be happy to set up an appointment to make sure that your plumbing issue is solved!
Some of the things that you can have available when you are calling about a device or service that can help us to pin point the trouble are: The name or type of product or appliance in question (tub, water heater, furnace, etc…), Manufacturer of product, The Model number of the product (if available), The Serial number of the product (if available), Please include a brief description of the problem (unusual sounds or smells).

When you are trying to avoid calling a plumber in Denton, here are some tips to save you some grief as well as some cash! The following are some tips to help you to avoid having to call a Denton plumber in the first place (not that it is any imposition; we certainly welcome your business!).

1) Never, ever, ever pour grease and/or oil into your drains. This will eventually cause a buildup inside your pipes and will usually lead to a clogged drain in your sink. An empty coffee container or milk jug to store any oil or grease that you need to dispose of is a quick and easy way to save on expensive plumbing bills and since they can usually be sealed you avoid giant trash can messes as well.

2) Set up a mesh or slotted drain screen to catch all of the bits of food and hair as well as other debris that can get into your drain and cause backups or clogs. Clean it regularly to prevent standing water issues in your sink or bathtub.

3) Definitely take the time to know where your main shut-off valve for your water main is… Sometimes they are in your home and other times they are outside your home. Knowing this vital information can be especially helpful if you have discovered a leak or a burst pipe.

4)  The number one rule for toilets is to only flush body waste and toilet paper. This is what they are made for; flushing other items can lead to expensive and stinky blockages in your main sewer line. In instances where you have a drain or access to the line in the basement this can be really, really gross. Did I mention expensive?

5) A super nifty, inexpensive trick to see if the seal in your toilet tank is tight is to place a couple of drops of food coloring into the reservoir and check to see if the colored water is entering the bowl. If it is, you probably need a Denton Plumber to replace the flapper in your tank.

6) Freezing weather while not all that common in Denton, does happen on a yearly basis. Make sure that you drain your hose taps and the hoses connected to your taps when freezing temperatures are expected. Doing these couple of things can save you from having to replace a cracked pipe or tap.

7) Drain access points should always be readily available and easy to find or get to in the case that the line is blocked and must be cleared. You can help by not putting closets or carpeting/rugs over the access points. Having to find a hidden access point is an easy way to rack up the hours your plumber spends at your home fixing the issue at hand.

8) Prevent frozen pipes by double checking the air circulation in your home. When you are going to be away from your home during cold months maintain a temperature of at least 50° and make sure that any pipes outside of walls are insulated. If you are taking and extended vacation, turn of the water main that you now know the location of.

9) Chemical cleaners while handy should be used sparingly, or avoided all together. Not only are these chemicals caustic to your pipes, sometimes even able to etch into the metal, they are seriously hazardous to your health. Anyway, no one wants to be cleaning a severely clogged drain filled with a substance like Drain-o that can splash on them and cause corrosive chemical burns to clothing, skin or equipment.

10) You can install separate shut –off valves to provide an easy way to shut water off to specific areas in your home, eliminating the need for turning off the master valve if you only need to fix a bathroom toilet or an outside faucet.

Call Masters Services (972) 877-4650 for help with finding a Denton plumber.

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