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Call us for help from a Dallas plumber!

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Call us for help from a Dallas plumber!

If you have a clogged or plugged drain it may seem like it is the easiest and the most non-threatening plumbing situations you have encountered but it can quickly escalate to a very serious mess. You can always call for a Master Plumber at Masters Services in Dallas. When your clogged drain is in the path of wastewater, the water can back up and you may find yourself with an unsanitary and unpleasant situation.

Water Heaters

Leaky water heaters generally mean that something is wrong with your unit. A Dallas Plumber at Masters Services can certainly help you out. When you see a puddle of water under your heater you should probably get an inspection to make sure that any problems can be addressed and that you don’t run out of hot water altogether or end up with a larger water mess in your home.

When your toilet is running or leaking you probably need to either replace the wax ring or the flapper in the tank. In either case, whether your toilet is running or it is leaking, this means a higher water bill, and possible costly repairs. Calling a Dallas Plumber at Masters Services can help you to save money on water bills and possible repair bills.

Ensure that your bill is not sent through the roof with poor plumbing!

You may want to consider hiring a Master Plumber to do to a home inspection, walk-through. While the walk through is going on the plumber can explain any systems that you are unclear about, work to inspect your hardware to see if there are any potentially bad situations brewing and check things like, the pressure tank (if you have a well), leaky faucets and toilets as well as code violations.

You can always benefit by having the information that your plumber records. It can be imperative to know where your water shut off valve, the type and size of your water heater, faucet brands, and other helpful information. The Plumber at Masters Services can keep a file for you detailing all of your information so that when there is an issue we are able to pull it up and bring what we need when the situation arises. You can also ask the plumber to give you a heads up if they see any unusual risks or potential problems. Being forewarned is an excellent way to stay prepared.

When you are doubtful about how to go about fixing a home plumbing repair problem, it is usually best to contact a Dallas plumber at Masters Services. You can rest assured that our qualified master plumber can quickly and easily diagnose a problem as well as provide an estimate for any work or repairs that need to take place.

With a certified Master Plumber on staff at Masters Services in Dallas, we are able to help with gas lines and junctions for your fireplace log starters or gas fireplace units. We are able to run new lines to any new or existing fireplaces and we can help to install, repair or replace any of the lines that need work; we are able to diagnose and solve problems with the lines and provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing a job has been done well.

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