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Chimney Leaks: Where are they coming from?

Drip, drip. Chimney leaks? There is nothing like curling up next to your fireplace on a cool night with a good book. However, when you start to notice a chimney leak, it can be very alarming. At first it may seem small, and you may think it is simply a one-time thing. However, the best action to take next is to call in expert chimney sweeps to look at the problem and help you correct it. Here are a few places that your chimney leak may be coming from, and who you should call when you notice it.

A Cracked Chimney

If the crown of the chimney is cracked, you may see leaks throughout the seasons as water freezes in the cracks and then melts all at once. This issue must be dealt with by a professional chimney sweep to ensure that you keep the value of your home up, as well as the durability of your fireplace. There are specific crown-coating materials that can resolve this issue, but if it is too far gone, it may require that a chimney mason repairs the trouble spots.

No Chimney Cap

Chimney cap

If you don’t have a chimney cap or any type of safe cover over the hole that the smoke comes out of, then you’ll discover that it’s easy to get leaks due to rain and moisture in the air. Beyond causing leaks in the chimney, you’ll find that having no chimney cap will allow small animals to nest in your fireplace. This can be a very dangerous situation because this can stop the air flow and lead to a build up of carbon dioxide. Let the experts come in and install a chimney cap after they’ve removed any wildlife from inside.

A Leak from Elsewhere

There are a few different places other than your chimney that may be the culprit of leaking. And while it might appear to come from your fireplace, and an expert chimney sweep will know to check places such as your attic and shingles to find out where exactly the leak is coming from, so the problem can be corrected. This will ensure you don’t spend money on a problem that isn’t even created from any chimney leaks.

Condensation Build Up

If you find that you have condensation build up, the fix can be as simple as updating your chimney liner. Older chimneys will often be the ones that have this problem, but new ones that weren’t properly installed may also have condensation build up. Don’t put up with these chimney leaks as just an annoyance because you’ll want to get them resolved quickly to ensure you protect the integrity of your fireplace.

When you notice chimney leaks, don’t trust just anyone that boasts they can do home improvements for you – call in professional chimney sweep to handle this. You’ll want to enjoy your cozy fireplace for years to come and by letting experts handle the job, you’ll be able to confidently light your next fire with no leaks.

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