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What is needed for a gas log installation?

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Have you started thinking about Christmas?

western camp fyre gas logs

Right now is about the time that lists of naughty and nice are being reviewed and plans are being made for gifts. In years past there have been many gas logs given as gifts to the home. In fact, most of them have been total surprises! Get in, get the logs installed and get out!

How to choose the right logs

The first thing that you need to know is what size logs your firebox can handle. This is a very simple measurement, sit in front of your firebox and reach in to about the middle and measure from left to right. You can use the guide on our website from there to see what size of log would fit your fireplace the best. From there you can decide on a style that you like.

We offer logs from R.H. Peterson and Rasmussen companies. Both of which have very realistic looks, good heat and great warranties. They are hand painted logs that are as close as it gets to the real thing. With plenty of choices you can choose from there are modern as well as more classic looks available.

Woodstack Gas Logs

Another option that you have is the type of burner that you would like. There are a few options but the two most common types are the single burner, which has gas and flame go up through the center of the log, or the double burner which sends gas through the center as well as around the front. I personally prefer the double burner as the flame effect is closer to a real log fire.

There is also the choice of wanting platinum bright embers or not, these are added to the regular embers and give off a brighter glow these add to the realistic effect of your gas logs.

How to order?

There are a few very simple ways to order your gas logs, directly from our website, during a cleaning and inspection or even by calling into our office and going over your choices.

Call Masters Services (973) 877-4650 for help with your gas log installation this winter!

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