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Gas Fireplace Repair Fort Worth

repair gas fireplace

Do you need gas fireplace repair Fort Worth

Are you looking for a gas fireplace technician for a Gas Fireplace Repair Fort Worth? Masters Services not only specializes in wood burning fireplaces, but we also service gas starter fireplaces as well as direct vent fireplaces. Some companies only offer wood burning chimney sweep services – not us!! We are trained and ready to services your gas fireplace, direct vent fireplace, or regular wood-burning fireplace.

Often, customers are unsure of what type of gas fireplace they have. So when you call in looking for a Gas Fireplace Repair Fort Worth, the customer service representative will ask you if your gas fireplace turns on with a switch, or a key. If your fireplace turns on with a key, it is a regular gas log fireplace. If it turns on with a switch on the wall, almost like a light switch, it is most likely a direct vent fireplace.

What is a direct vent fireplace?

Direct Vent fireplaces do not require a chimney. They can be vented directly through a roof, or a wall. This type of fireplace gets its combustion air from outside, while venting to the same outside atmosphere. This process does not take away from the warm house air, and does not compete with a home furnace for combustion air. People like direct vent fireplaces because they eliminate heat loss and draft that can be a concern with other types of fireplaces.

What does it look like?

repair gas fireplace

Direct vent fireplaces can have a variety of looks. Some of them have traditional mantles surrounding them to mimic the look of a traditional fireplace. Others have a more modern look to them, such as a sleek minimal box within the wall. One of the best ways to tell if your fireplace is a direct vent fireplace (besides noting if it turns on with a switch on the wall) is to look and see if it is sealed behind glass. Most often, direct vent fireplaces are sealed behind glass.

Why is my direct vent fireplace sealed behind glass?

Your direct vent fireplace doesn’t use any air for combustion from within the home. It will still generate heat for you in the winter even if sealed behind glass. This makes it more efficient, easy to use, and allows for healthier indoor air than a traditional masonry wood-burning fireplace.

Masters Services recommends getting your direct vent fireplace inspected once a year, to ensure that it is safe to use. We charge 99.99 for the full safety inspection. If you are having a problem with your direct vent and you are in need of a Gas Fireplace Repair Fort Worth, we can send a technician out to troubleshoot, perform the inspection, and diagnose what the problem is. At this time he will provide you with estimates as to how much it will cost to get your direct vent fireplace up and running properly, efficiently, and safely!

Call Masters Services today to set up your inspection for your Fort Worth Gas Log Fireplace. Our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable, and will show up in uniform with a logo’d truck. We have been open for 17 years, and are family owned and operated. We are also proud to say that we have a perfect rating of A+ with the better business bureau.

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