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Dallas Gas Fireplace Repair and installation

Burning Gas Logs Example

Dallas Gas Fireplace Repair and installation

We do all kinds of work relating to chimneys and fireplaces so when you need a gas fireplace repair in the Dallas area just check out Masters Services in Dallas to help you solve your problem.

When gas fireplaces start behaving oddly, it can be quite overwhelming to try to figure it out by yourself. You should always have a certified technician come to diagnose and fix the problem. With over 15 years in the industry we have plenty of experience in solving most major issues with a gas fireplace repair as well as installation.

We have a plumber on staff now at Masters Services Dallas and we can install and repair lines for your gas fireplace now, as providing our other outstanding services such as an upgrade to your firebox, fix panels, provide handsome fire glass, and great gas log sets as well.

There are generally three main types of gas fireplaces:

1. Natural vented gas fireplaces have a vent that connects to a metal or masonry flue like a wood burning fireplace.

2. Direct Vented fireplaces usually have a vent that goes directly through the wall behind or beside the unit.

3. Vent free fireplaces don’t need a vent

Despite the kind of gas fireplace that you have it may run on either natural gas or in some cases; propane. Ignition types vary between different types of fireplaces. Some rely on a constantly lit pilot light others use an electronic ignition system. Whether or not the pilot is different many of the parts that make your fireplace are either the same as others or operate under the same principles. Knowing names and purposes of these parts can help to troubleshoot the issues you are having with your fireplace.

Gas lines are installed for both natural gas and propane systems. The line delivers the fuel to be burned in your fireplace. Lines are equipped with a shut off valve that can be turned off when the fireplace is not in use.

Fireboxes are the staging area for the flame. It is the container that your gas logs and grate sit in.

Venting systems – some may vent directly through the wall and others will have a system that goes up to the roof. A flue has two purposes in vented systems, one is to provide air to feed the fire and the other is to provide a way for dangerous gasses and fumes to escape. Vent free systems use a different kind of technology to eliminate the need for a flue.

Blower fans are present in several different types of gas fireplaces; they help to distribute heat more efficiently.

Ignition System/Pilot – every type of gas fireplace has some kind of ignition system, whether it is a pilot light or an electronic system to ignite the gas so they are able to generate heat.

gas logs
Rh Peterson Woodstack Gas LOgs

Thermocoupler/Thermopile – When your pilot light is lit, the flame heats up devices called a thermocoupler as well as a thermopile. The thermocoupler is like a flame sensor made of two different metals that create a tiny electrical charge when it is heated. This charge causes a magnet to move inside the valve allowing the flow of gas. A thermopile is a series of thermocouplers that create a larger electrical charge allowing an even larger magnet to be shifted thus turning the gas on into the burners.

Some of the easiest troubleshooting tips to ensure that your fireplace is working are as follows:

Some of the more common issues with a gas fireplace are the fact that it won’t ignite when you flip the switch the push of a button. This can be a good indicator that you may have tripped a breaker, sometimes checking your breaker box can save a bunch of money.

If you can’t light your fireplace you may also want to make sure that the gas is on a disruption in gas may mean that your system is empty (as in the case of a propane or natural gas tank). Double check the line and make sure that your shut off valve is set to let the fuel flow as well.

When your pilot light goes out, you should try to light it, if it is an electronic ignition you may have to consult your documentation to light it manually.

In some instances a draft may be coming in through your vent cap, you should ensure that it is secured properly and in good condition lacking gap and holes that might contribute to a downdraft. You may want to consider having an inspection done at this point to ensure that it does not happen again during the season when it might be missed!

If there is a wiring issue that you can see (stripped or melted wires) it could very well indicate a much larger issue and you will need a professional to diagnose and repair your gas fireplace.

When the pilot will light but continues to go out it could indicate that your thermopile needs to be replaced – you can call Masters Services Dallas to repair your gas fireplace if this is the case.

Gas fireplace burner issues can be caused by a number of things. Sometimes it can be as simple as making sure that if you have a thermostat attached to your system, that it is turned up high enough to create a demand for heat.

Sometimes the pilot light hole (where the gas comes out) is clogged or dirty. Soot or particulates may cause this problem and our service technicians can clean and remove soot and dirt to free the system up to act properly.

As previously mentioned, many ignition systems rely on electrical current to work properly. Sometimes the electrical circuits in your system may be generating too low a voltage. Our technicians can test your circuitry to ensure that it is working properly and make any adjustments or repairs if your system needs it.

Strange odors are not generally associated with a gas fireplace. If you notice strange odors you should definitely call a professional to diagnose the problem. Some of the problems that are associated with odors from your vented fireplace systems include, a dirty or obstructed flue, or dust and debris on the burner.

Two vital issues that have to deal with a strange odor from your fireplace are the smell of gas which could indicate a gas leak, and the smell of burning wiring – a distinctive metallic burning plastic smell. These issues should be dealt with immediately as they can be quite dangerous!

Masters Services Dallas can inspect your fireplace for any attention that it may need, and do repairs that are deemed necessary. We can repair and diagnose your gas fireplace and help you to make an informed decision about what you need to do to put it in the proper working order!

Call us (972) 877-4650 if you would like more information on gas fireplace repair or to set an appointment.

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