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For Roofing Companies and Contractors

Why Roofers Need Our Services

Masters Services offer services that benefit your company as a whole.  We offer a discounted rate to roofing companies, which allows your company to profit.

If you are a part of a roofing company or contracting business, chances are, you aren’t using a chimney sweep. Without a doubt, your business will thrive with the use a chimney sweep.

What a Chimney Sweep Can Do For Your Roofing Company

Masters Services can fix water leaks on chimneys.  Severe weather doesn’t have to occur for a chimney to become damaged. Chimney’s can be damaged by as little as a sprinkle of rain. Once water is trapped inside the chimney, the damage just continues to get worse. Therefore, once a leak is detected, a chimney sweep should be called immediately.

If hail has damaged the roof, the spark arrestor will be damaged too. The same goes for chimney caps, hail can cause damage to chimney caps as well. Masters Services will install new spark arrestors, or chimney caps after hail storms or rainstorms strike.

When a spark arrestor becomes damaged, the chase cover typically does too. Having a chase cover is the same as having a chimney cap. If a chase cover and a chimney cap are the exact same thing, how do I know which one to install? The only difference between the two is the type of chimney it’s being installed on.

Chase covers can only be installed onto prefabricated chimneys. A prefabricated chimney is a chimney that has a metal flue pipe running through it. In this case, you must cover the flue pipe with a chase cover and a spark arrestor.

If a chimney isn’t prefabricated, that means it’s considered a masonry chimney. Masonry chimneys require a damper and a proper chimney cap.

Chase Cover Installed for Roofing CompaniesWhen a chase cover is installed, a spark arrestor should be installed as well. Spark arrestors and chase covers are most commonly installed on apartment complexes or commercial buildings.

The Difference Between Masonry and Prefabricated Chimneys

Many roofers, and even homeowners, don’t know the difference between masonry and fabricated chimneys. Chimney sweeps know this valuable information that can save homeowners and apartment complexes thousands of dollars.

Prefab vs Masonry for Roofing CompaniesSince roofers may not know the difference between masonry and prefabricated chimney caps, they may attempt installing the wrong corresponding chimney cap.

When a chimney is considered a prefabricated chimney, this means it has a metal flue pipe. This metal flue pipe runs through the entity of the chimney. Chase covers must be installed on prefabricated chimneys because you can’t install a chimney cap directly over a metal pipe. For this reason, a spark arrestor has to be installed over the chase cover.

Masonry chimneys don’t require a chase cover; instead a mortar crown is installed. After the mortar crown is applied, then a chimney cap can be installed over that.

A chase cover is a type of chimney cap that looks much different than the typical chimney cap. Oftentimes, people don’t even know a chase cover is considered a chimney cap at all. Chase covers are installed on prefabricated chimneys.

Masonry chimneys require a regular chimney cap. Masonry chimney caps prevent water damage, just as chase covers do. Chimney caps for masonry chimneys can be customized and have more of a personal style to them. From simple to detailed and elegant, there is a masonry chimney cap for everyone.

Masters Services can ship chimney caps to people all over the United States. We own Master Caps, a company that creates custom chimney caps and sends them to customers in any location.

Other Services We Provide

Chimney caps, chase covers, and spark arrestors aren’t the only thing that we install and fix. We also install or fix any other underlining issue with the chimney. This includes a list of necessary code regulations.

One of the most common reasons a chimney leak occurs is due to cracks in the mortar crown. The mortar crown cracks and deteriorates from unwanted rain seeping throughout the chimney. If the chimney is a prefabricated chimney, then this issue can occur the same way with a chase cover.

Our business installs proper flashing, which means bonding the chimney to the roof. Flashing is the bond that connected the chimney to the roof and sets the chimney in place. Masters Services has been using FlashSeal for chimney sealing for years. Flasing of ChimneyAnother preventative for water damage is Chimney Saver. Masters Services uses Chimney Saver to waterproof the chimney exterior. Waterproofing is done by spraying the chimney brick with sealant to ensure moisture can’t get in.

Before waterproofing is done, tuck pointing is done- if needed. Tuck pointing is filling in the cracked and or missing pieces of mortar in the chimney brick. Waterproofing and tuck pointing can only be done on brick chimneys.

Why Roofing Companies Shouldn’t Fix Chimneys

Roofer don’t have the correct knowledge to install certain appliances themselves. Roofers are skilled in roofing, while Masters Services is skilled in all things Chimney. Masters Services has trained chimney experts how to do these services so you don’t have to.

The high-quality materials that chimney caps are made of aren’t cheap. Therefore, ordering chimney caps can be costly. We know how expensive it can be to order chimney caps and spark arrestors in stock. This is why Masters Services offers a generous discount. This discount rate helps you earn money, while getting professionals to complete the work for you correctly.

Along with a discount for roofing companies, we also install the chimney caps or spark arrestors. As a roofer, you don’t the essential training from years of being a chimney sweep. That’s okay! Masters Services does have this training and we are more than willing to lend a helping hand of service.

The Work We Can Do for Roofing Companies

Masters Services offers several aspects of work to roofing companies. The most common reason we are hired is for chimney leaks. Chimney leaks are caused by many things that roofers are unaware of.

The most common cause of chimney leaking is the absence of a chimney cap. Having a chimney cap ensures rain can’t fall right into the chimney.

Our most popular chimney cap is the number one chimney cap. Most customers purchase our number one chimney cap for the stylish appearance and/or the low price. For apartments with several chimneys, roofing companies would be investing in thousands of numbers of chimney caps paid for at regular piece. Hiring Masters Services would save your company money and time with our roofers discount and us doing the work right.

Chimney cap april 30-minThere are many reasons why hiring a chimney sweep can benefit your business.  It’s much cheaper to hire Masters Services, than ordering chimney supplies yourself. Masters Services offer a specialized discount rate on all purchases.

Buying the chimney supplies yourself would be a waste of time and money. If one job requires several chimney caps, Masters Services would save you hundreds of dollars.

How Leaks Can be Dangerous

It’s no secret that water leaks are dangerous. Whether it’s caused by chimney leakage or water seeping through the roof. Although, just how dangerous can they actually be?

If a leak goes unfixed for a long period of time, it can cause health risks. If water seeps into the interior of the home, mold can form. When mold forms, a number of risks are present. Mold can create unsafe air exhaust. Once this exhaust is in the air, it’s prone to spreading. In other words, once mold forms it’s an unending cycle of growth. This is why mending chimney leaks is crucial.

After the chimney starts leaking, other issues often occur. The most common is deterioration, caused by leaking. This means the chimney, or spark arrestor is breaking down. When deterioration occurs, the chimney begins to stop working properly. Now, this is another health risk by itself. Not only does the chimney stop doing it’s job, it also starts putting the residents at risk.

Deterioration caused by leaks or hail damage allows wildlife is readily access the chimney. When animals make themselves at home inside a chimney, it becomes a fire hazard. The wildlife traps the smoke and harmful soot from escaping the chimney correctly. This is unsafe for two reasons:

The smoke and soot fumes are forced to linger in the chimney. Due to this, the homeowner unknowingly breaths in the harmful chemicals. Furthermore, soot irritates eyes and negatively affects the lungs.

If you’re a roofing business or contractor, you should hire Masters Services to fix these chimney problems for your customers.

How to Contact Masters Services

Contractors and roofing companies, call Masters Services at, 972-877-4650. With our discount rate for roofers and contractors, you can’t say no to saving money and time! If you’d rather email than call, click here to reach us!

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