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Ten Ways to Prepare Your Fireplaces before Lighting a Fire

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One: Do Perform Fireplace Cleaning

As temperatures begin to drop in the autumn, it is time for you to remove household dust from every fireplace in a building. Despite placing a fire screen in front of a fireplace, debris will collect in the fire pit and shaft, making it difficult for the smoke to rise.

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Two: Do Remove Items Located Near to a Fireplace

It is essential for you to remove flammable items from the floor near the fire pit to prevent accidental flames that could destroy a building. Fireplace experts suggest maintaining 3-feet of clearance around a fireplace to avoid fires on carpets or furniture.

Three: Do Make Sure that the Fireplace’s Damper is Open

You probably closed the damper in late spring to keep a room cooler, but before lighting a fire, open the device completely. If the damper will not open, then it is probably covered with leaves or branches that have dropped inside the shaft. This means that a professional chimney sweep is necessary to perform chimney cleaning.


Four: Don’t Forget to Explain Fire Safety Rules

There is a good chance that the other people in a building have forgotten important fire safety guidelines such as keeping the fire screen around the fireplace. Make sure to label a home’s exits and perform fire drills in case an accidental fire does occur.

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Five: Do Select the Best Wood for a Fireplace

The best type of wood for a fireplace is dry and seasoned instead of damp because it lights quickly and burns safely without creating excessive smoke. Make sure to store extra firewood where it remains dry and free of insects.

Six: Don’t Neglect to Install Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Despite careful chimney cleaning, a dangerous flare-up can occur, leading to a building fire, and smoke detectors are your best protection in this situation. While installing smoke detectors also place carbon monoxide detectors throughout a building that will alert you if carbon monoxide is present.

Seven: Do Maintain a Building’s Air Circulation

When a building has an unvented gas fireplace, it is imperative to maintain air circulation by opening a window to permit dangerous fumes to exit. Make sure to use the appropriate fuel to avoid a buildup of lethal gases that are odorless and colorless.

Flat Lid Chimney Cap

Eight: Don’t Forget to Have a Chimney Cap Installed

Chimney caps are designed to prevent debris from entering a rooftop shaft and causing a buildup of lethal gases. A chimney cap also prevents wildlife invasion that requires emergency chimney cleaning services.

Nine: Don’t Leave a Fire Unattended

After all of the fireplace cleaning chores are finished, it is time to light a fire carefully by using a long match to light a fire while making sure that your hair and shirtsleeves are out of the way. Place a metal mesh screen next to the fire pit, and monitor it to avoid danger.

Ten: Do Contact a Professional Chimney Sweep

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You should hire a certified chimney sweep from Masters Services at least once a year to inspect fireplaces and rooftop stacks along with removing debris. Professional chimney sweeping services are available from Master Services in these areas:

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