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Custom Glass Doors for Fireplaces

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Custom Fireplace Glass DoorsShowcase Your Living Room with Designer Glass Doors from Design Specialties. Masters Services has really turned their customers living rooms into showrooms for glass doors. We don’t just offer any fireplace door for $300’s, we offer doors in every price range. Most people don’t even know whats available for options and upgrades. Our stock doors are nice, starting around $475 installed. You can upgrade your door and style for only a few hundred dollars and it will showcase your fireplace. Now of course you can really get pricey with some doors because of the fireplace opening size (large) and the premium finishes available, but its nice to have the option of upgrades.

Our glass doors are all machined or laser cut and hand crafted in Milwaukee, WI. Made in America.

Designers and builders have for the most part left the fireplace opening alone leaving it up to the homeowner to finish out the fireplace front. Masters Services can be your fireplace designer to give your fireplace a finished elegant look. If you are going for a western or wrought iron look, we can do it.

The greatest option we have is if you want to incorporate a pattern from something you already have, we can take a picture of it and duplicate it in a door front. We can do almost anything, call us and lets us put a custom front on your fireplace.

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Fireplace glass doors from Design Specialties are made from steel and aluminum and can be made to fit any fireplace opening, masonry or prefabricated firebox fronts. Fireplace Doors in Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, and Oklahoma City can be custom ordered and installed usually within 2-3 weeks.

[title_style_one bg=”e39f9f” color=”eee” shadow=”888″ border=”aa4b4b” size=”22″] Masters Services Fireplace Doors Philosophy…
“There is no fireplace opening we cannot put a door on!” [/title_style_one]
Masters Services can do any glass door for any fireplace front. We offer custom or stock fireplace doors.

Custom steel frames, custom aluminum frames, stock frames made for both metal choices are available
in predetermined styles.

Our doors can be fit to any style of fireplace – masonry or prefabricated fireplaces, wood burning or gas burning, vented or non vented or even direct vent!

The very presents of a fireplace magnifies the ambience of any room. It becomes the focal point and
influences every decorating decision. A showcase quality fireplace is like the frame of a priceless piece of art.

Fireplace doors should enhance any room with your décor. That’s what is so special about Masters
Services. We can fit any budget with a nice front. The big box stores cannot even began to fit 20% of
all the fireplaces. The sizes are unlimited, the styles are unlimited, and the color choices are unlimited.

Here at Masters Services the choice of polished brass or just black is not you only options. We want to
give you a fireplace door that fits your style and budget.

Often we will go out to a home and service a fireplace and chimney to find out the customer is
interested in fireplace doors. The customer was thinking of going to a specialty retail outlet or a big box store for their fireplace doors. The advantage to having Masters Services do your fireplace doors is that we know your fireplace. We have choices that no box store can offer and since we know your fireplace no need to go to a specialty retail outlet that has to cover all that overhead. If you are a previous client Masters Services will install your fireplace doors free of charge if purchased through them.

The Forge Craft doors are the ultimate expression of style, for the most discriminating tastes. Old
world traditions combine with new world technologies to produce finishes of exceptional richness and
authenticity. Custom laser cutting makes any design possible.

The types of finishes include many powered coated colors, anodized, boutique, satin, polished, and hand
crafted. Not all finishes are available for every style of door, contact Masters Services for specifications. All finishes are made for indoor applications, but we offer some outdoor finished applications as well.

Masters Services uses two manufacturers that are both in the U.S., Design Specialties and Hearthcraft.
Both manufacturers make a great product. Hearthcraft fabricates stock doors made of aluminum for
prefabricates fireplaces, the Rainbow series. Design Specialties fabricates steel doors and aluminum
doors offered in stock or custom doors. If you want a door for under $500 Hearthcraft is the better
choice. If you want to have a forge crafted door to match your cowboy theme at your lake house or
need a wide range of color options to match your new furniture then Design Specialties is the better

There is no other fireplace door offered the way Masters Services offers doors, with options! Typically
the only options offered by our competitors are what frame mold and which of the four color choices do
you want, polish brass, satin nichol, antique brass, or black? We have that and much more.

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