Masters Services Fireplace Doors Philosophy… “There is no fireplace opening we cannot put a door on!”

Fireplace glass doors from Design Specialties are made from steel and aluminum and can be made to fit any fireplace opening, masonry or prefabricated firebox fronts. Fireplace Doors in Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, Denver, and Oklahoma City can be custom ordered and installed usually within 2-3 weeks.

About the Doors

  • Unparalleled craftsmanship. Exceptional fit and finishes. Hand-crafted to fit your fireplace exactly.
  • 1/4" tempered glass. Able to withstand high temperatures and resist breakage. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.
  • Fold back bi-fold doors standard. Tracked bi-fold and cabinet style twin doors also available.
  • Optional mesh curtains or gate mesh doors available.
  • Customized finishes. A wide range of Anodized and Powder Coated finishes to suit your tastes.
  • Personalize your design with a wide variety of glass colors and handle possibilities.
  • Choose either a 3-sides frame with a draft assembly or a 4-sided frame with or without a draft assembly. All models are available as Twin or Bi-fold units. Multi-sided unites can be made with Twin, Bi-fold, or Stationary sides.
  • One-of-a-kind design. Each door is hand-crafted to order by skilled metal workers. Slight variations in color due to the finishing processes only confirm the uniqueness of each design.

Why glass fireplace doors?

Our glass fireplace doors are beautiful, practical alternativemto free-standing screens. Why?

  • Safety - protect children and pets from unstable screens, sparks,and flames.
  • Energy - keep warm air inside your home in the winter, minimize the intrusion of cold drafts. Keep cool air in the summer.
  • Beauty - Our doors are 90% art, 10% function, & 100% delight!

Aluminum Doors - Zero Clearance

24 Finish Options & 7 Handle Options - Average Door Price $500 – $665
Silhouette Zero Clearance

Silhoutte ZC
• Slim, finely crafted style complements your fireplace, but never competes with the fireplace.
• Subtle 1" rounded Silhouette ZC with inside fit is one of our most popular factory built doors.
• Shown: Silhouette ZC in Brite Brass.
Shadow Zero Clearance

Shadow ZC
• The play of light and shadow created by a 3/4" stepped radius/ogee with inside fit adds depth and drama.
• Shown: Shadow ZC in Natural Iron
Stiletto Zero Clearance

Stiletto ZC
• At 1/2", the Stiletto is pure stealth - the slimmest of our zero clearance designs
• Fits inside the fireplace opening for an especially sleek look.
• Fold back ni-fold doors.
• Shown: Stiletto ZC in Flat Black
Brookfield Zero Clearance

Brookfield ZC
• Timeless style is always in good taste.
• Clean lines and classic proportions in a 1 3/4" frame, with overlap fit.
• Fold back bi-fold doors.
• Shown: Brookfield ZC in Vintage Iron.
Phoenix Zero Clearance

Phoenix ZC
• Smart, sophisticated style gives any fireplace a fresh look.
• 1" radius frame proves that simple can be elegant, with overlap fit.
• Shown: Phoenix ZC in Satin Nickel.
Rainbow Zero Clearance

Glass Doors for Fireplace
• 1" wide anodized aluminum frame provides finish protection and heat resistance.
• Available finishes are polished brass, flat black, black gloss, satin nickel, and chrome finish.

Aluminum Fireplace Doors for Masonry Fronts

Options for Inside, Overlap, or Cutback Fits - Average Door Pricing $705 – $920
Apex Masonry Front

Apex ZC
• "Cutting edge" design in sharply distinctive 2" frame.
• One-of-a-kind design makes your fireplace a fashion statement.
• Shown: Apex in Natural Iron, 4 sided frame.
Bedford Masonry Front

Bedford ZC
• Another of our original designs that's ever-popular.
• Ornate detailing of 3" outer frame dramatically enhances a simple fireplace.
• Shown: Bedford in Brite Brass, 4 sided frame.
Brookfield Masonry Front

Brookfield ZC
• Ever-popular for a good reason: timeless style.
• 2" standard outer frame emphasizes simple, classic proportions.
• Shown: Brookfield in Classsic Bronze, 3 sided with draft.
Madison Masonry Front

Madison ZC
• One of original designs that remains a favorite.
• 2" frame-within-a-frame design is reminiscent of colonial times.
• Shown: Madison in Copper Vein, 4 sided frame.
Phoenix Masonry Front

Phoenix ZC
• Straights and curves complement one another in this contemporary design, defined by 2" radius frame.
• Shown: Phoenix in Mahogany, 4 sided frame.
Savanah Masonry Front

Savanah ZC
• From the beginning, it has been praised by the cities (like you).
• Simple but elegant: precisely mitered 3" frame complements every decor.
• Shown: Savannah in Antique Brass, 4 sided frame.
Elite Masonry Front - Inside Fit Only

Elite ZC
• Average Price $705 – $900- Elite Inside Mount Masonry Front
• Featuing a narrow frame on top and bottom only, this door boasts the maximum glass design.
• Available in an inside fit only, the Elite blends effortlessly with your fireplace decor.
• Shown: Elite Bi-fold in Brite Brass.
Corner Elite

• Corner Elite - No Average Prices - Initial Service Call Free - Installation $300 - Shipping Average $140
• Or patented all-glass corner eliminates cover-up metal strips, for the most seamless appearance available.
• Shown: Shadow Corner Elite in Brite Brass.
• All models styles in this section available.

Steel Fireplace Doors - Masonry Fronts -Carolina – Forge Craft Series

16 different finish options, Glass Options, Mesh Options, & Draft Assembly Option - Average Door Pricing $750 – $1200
Carolina Rectangle

Carolina Rectangle
• Value, too - the best you'll find in a steel door
• Custom manufactureed for your fireplace
• Welded steel frame
• Inside or Overlap fit (recommended overlap)
• Shown: Polished Brass finish.
Carolina Rectangle Window Pane

Carolina Rectangle Window Pane
• Traditional window pane frames the fire perfectly.
Carolina Rectangle Arch

Carolina Square Arch
• Change the look with an arch door.
Carolina Rectangle Arch Window Pane

Carolina Rectangle Arch Window Pane
• Add architectural interest with optional arched door frames and window pane detailing.
• Shown: Toffee finish

Forge Craft Steel Fireplace Doors - Fits Any Wood Burning Fireplace

16 different finish options, Glass Options, Mesh Options, & Draft Assembly Option
Average Door Pricing $1200 - $1800
  • Initial Service Call Free
  • Installation $100
  • Shipping Average $100
  • Finishes (Colors)
Legend Recangle

Designer Forge Craft Fireplace Doors

• Doors can be a different finish than the frame
• Shown: Antique Brass
• Allow 4-6 weeks
Legend Arch

Arched Fireplace Doors
• Add architectural interest to your arched fireplce front.
• Shown: Classic Bronze
• Option: Add window panes.
Legend Rectangle with Arch Doors

Fireplace doors
• Want an arched appearance with a rectangle door?
• Shown: Satin Brass with Bright Brass Doors
• Option: Add window panes.
Legend Blacksmith

Blacksmith Fireplace Door
• Hammered finish around the entire frame.
• Shown: Satin Brass with Bright Brass Doors
• Available: Arch, Rectangle, Rectangle w/ Arched Doors, and all with optional window panes

Legend Premier Design Steel Fireplace Doors - Fits Any Wood Burning Fireplace

16 different finish options, Glass Options, Mesh Options, & Draft Assembly Option
Average Door Pricing $1800 - $2600
  • Initial Service Call Free
  • Installation $100
  • Shipping Average $100
  • Finishes (Colors)

Legend Premier Design Craftsman Fireplace Door
• Features: Hammered edges, window panes, and unique hinges.
• Shown: Forged Iron

Legend Premier Design Madrid Fireplace Door
• Features: Hammered edges, window panes with custom arch, and unique hinges.
• Shown: Forged Iron with 8" twisted steel handles
Napa Valley

Legend Premier Design Napa Valley Fireplace Doors
• Custom Grape & Leaf forgings bring the look of a California winery to your fireplace
• Hammered Edge and 8” Twist Handles add to the rustic look
• Shown in Black Copper Edge, an Design Specialties exclusive finish
Black Rock

Legend Premier Design Black Rock Fireplace Door
• Rivits lining the doors and frame
• Banding detail