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National Organizations Suggest Yearly Fireplace Cleaning by Experts

Certified Chimney

Several national chimney sweeping organizations in the United States advise homeowners and property managers to have fireplaces inspected at least once a year to protect occupants of buildings. These trade organizations have various responsibilities including helping to train and certify professional chimney cleaning technicians. While many people think that inspecting, cleaning and repairing a fireplace is an easy task, it actually requires a great deal of knowledge. Individuals hiring a professional Houston chimney sweep should verify that the technician has the appropriate regional certification. Many amateurs will try to work in this occupation without having the correct training leading to customers receiving poor service.

Hire Bonded Technicians – Check Certification with State Agencies

Many individuals hire an unauthorized technician to care for a building’s fireplace and smokestack. This can actually lead to a property manager or homeowner having a fireplace system that is damaged and unsafe to use. Anyone interested in employing a Houston fireplace cleaning expert should look at the state’s list of authorized chimney cleaning companies. A company that sends chimney sweeping professionals to a home will also bond their employees. Bonding is an excellent insurance protection that protects homeowners and property managers if damage or injuries occur while a technician is working.

Avoid Injuries by Hiring Experts

Long ago, chimney sweeping tasks were accomplished by small children climbing into the devices to remove soot and debris. This dangerous occupation often led to deaths due to suffocation and falls. No one should attempt to enter a fireplace or chimney to clean the dangerous buildup of debris and soot that can lead to breathing difficulties. Today, an expert fireplace cleaning technician uses special cameras to visually inspect a chimney to avoid the danger of entering a structure. This type of inspection allows the Houston chimney sweep to see damage inside the chimney’s shaft that requires repair.

Look for reviews from Satisfied Customers

Injuries and damage rarely happen during a fireplace cleaning job when a professional is hired from a well-known chimney sweeping company. Choosing the services of a Houston fireplace company that has been in business for many years gives homeowners and property managers an opportunity to request references from satisfied customers. In addition to providing references, a company should be upfront about the charges for a basic inspection and chimney cleaning. The best time to request scheduled services from a Houston chimney sweep is before cold weather arrives to ensure all of the structures of a fireplace are safe to use.

Have Systems Cleaned at Least Once a Year

A qualified Houston fireplace cleaning technician has an understanding of various types of chimneys that expel smoke created by different fuels. A properly maintained interior chimney system allows deadly combustion gases to leave a building’s rooftop smokestack to prevent illnesses in humans and family pets. Expert chimney cleaning is necessary at least once a year to maintain many types of fireplace systems that burn fuel including wood and natural gas. It is possible for a home or business to have chimneys or fireplaces that are very old or recently build that require the attention of a knowledgeable chimney sweep.

How Soot and Debris is Removed from Structures

Each type of structure requires specialized fireplace cleaning by a trained technician who knows how to use the proper equipment and tools. After arriving at a property, the Houston chimney sweep inspects the building’s interior or exterior systems for damage such as rust from moisture. The technician will protect a business or home’s surfaces by covering items with large tarps. After using a camera to inspect the interior surfaces of a chimney, the fireplace cleaning expert uses long handled brushes to remove soot from the shaft. After removing the soot and debris, the technician completely vacuums the dirt to remove it from the building.

The Importance of a Smokestack Inspection

The Houston fireplace cleaning service includes climbing a ladder to inspect rooftop smokestacks. Many geographic regions require smokestacks to have chimney caps that help prevent debris from entering the opening. A chimney cap in good condition also helps to prevent rain from entering a shaft that can cause damage to stone, brick and mortar. In addition, many chimney shafts are lined with fireproof materials to prevent flames from occurring inside the structure. Flames inside a chimney shaft caused by a buildup of creosote or debris are a frequent cause of life threatening home fires.

Fast and Professional Service

Homeowners and property managers can contact Masters Services, Denton, Texas, to inspect, clean and repair fireplaces and chimneys. Every certified technician working for this company arrives at a building with a van filled with specialized fireplace cleaning equipment and tools. The average service call takes less than two hours to complete but provides a year of safe use of fireplaces and chimneys.

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