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Do you know who to call for fireplace cleaning in Oklahoma City?

Do you know who to call for fireplace cleaning in Oklahoma City?

When you are looking for a chimney sweep this winter there are a few things to take into mind when deciding which company to use. The first is that in the state of Oklahoma a person who would like to take up work as a chimney sweep does not have to be certified in any way. This means that someone wanting to work as a chimney sweep for the season can put out a shingle and get started.

In some ways this is great for the entrepreneur while on the flip side of the coin, it is not very good for the homeowner. Having someone work on your fireplace who is not trained or experienced can lead to problems and expensive repairs later on.

Certified Chimney Professionals


When you are looking for help with fireplace cleaning I suggest that you hire someone who is a Certified Chimney Professional. They are trained and kept up to date with all of the current fireplace and chimney safety codes as well as the best methods for repair.

While fireplace cleaning is a simple action there are many things that can be overlooked which can results in dangerous burning conditions.

Look for experience!

Masters Services has been in the business of fireplace cleaning in Oklahoma City for over 16 years. We are Certified Chimney Professionals and have seen it all when it comes to chimney and their repairs.

Contact Masters Services (405) 236-1111 for help with your fireplace cleaning in Oklahoma City.

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