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Its time for fireplace cleaning in Fort Worth!

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Its time for fireplace cleaning in Fort Worth!

As our temperatures get lower and lower the draw for getting a fire going in your fireplace becomes more and more appealing! When you haven’t gotten your fireplace cleaned in over a year or burned more than a cord of wood since your last cleaning it is time to get a fireplace cleaning in Fort Worth.

Getting a fireplace cleaning in Fort Worth is very simple, first contact us, Masters Services at (817) 205-5749 and schedule an appointment. The technician will arrive to you home in a company logo’d truck and in a company logo’d shirt. They will preform a full inspection on your chimney and fireplace to ensure that it is fire safe and ready for you to burn. If there is anything that is in need of repair we can help you with this as well! Then the technician will tarp off your fireplace to prepare it for fireplace cleaning in Fort Worth, this is a guaranteed no-mess cleaning, if your chimney also needs to be taped off this will be done prior to the beginning of the sweep. Once this is done the technician will place a HEPA filtered H-Vac in your firebox this is there to suck up any creosote that falls during the cleaning. They will then send the chimney brushes up your chimney at about 1-3 inches at a time to remove the creosote build up in your chimney.


Do you have a chimney cap?

When you have a chimney cap on the top of your flue it not only finishes the look of your chimney but also helps to keep your chimney safe from chimney fires, free of animals getting into your chimney including birds as well as helping to keep your mortar crown protected among other things. Masters Services is not only the place to call if you need fireplace cleaning in Fort Worth but we are also the fabricator of our custom chimney caps. We make our caps out of 24 gauge colored steel, with a range of colors available including copper options. We are so confident in our product that we offer a transferable lifetime warranty on all of our caps.

If you need a fireplace cleaning in Fort Worth, call us!

We have many appointments times available, including Saturdays, to help you with the convenience of scheduling. It is as simple as giving us a call, (817) 205-5749, and letting us do all the work for your fireplace cleaning in Fort Worth!

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