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Fireplace Cleaning Dallas by Masters Services

Fireplace Cleaning in Dallas, TX

Whether it’s fall or winter, the cold temperatures means it’s time to warm up your home with your fireplace. Here are a few helpful tips on how to help save on your energy bills by keeping your home nice and warm. But first, make sure you hire a company that offers fireplace cleaning Dallas. This will ensure that your fireplace will function efficiently.

Fireplace Tips

  • Close All Rooms Within Your Home – 

When it comes to keeping your home make sure that you close the doors in the other parts of your home.
  • Install Glass Doors on Your Fireplace – Installing glass doors on your fireplace will help decrease your cost of heating your home. It will still distribute heat through the glass into your room.
  • Turn off Your Gas Starters – 

Often times, many people forget about turning off their gas line after the wood begins to burn. Many people are unaware that this can actually increase your heating bill.
  • Purchase a Sufficient Amount of Firewood – Make sure you purchase a large amount of firewood at a time. Avoid buying in small amounts. Also, make sure you store your firewood in a safe place. Avoid placing it anywhere that’s damp.It is recommended that you place it in a dry location. Also, avoid storing large amounts of firewood within your garage or home. Wood is filled with termites and other insects. You don’t want to have a bug infestation problem.

The safer, cleaner route to heating your home

Fake gas log fireplaces don’t look or sound or smell quite like a real wood burning fireplace. One thing you can say for them, though, is that gas logs don’t necessitate the need for professional fireplace cleaning. Dallas homeowners know to call on Masters Services for all of their fireplace and chimney cleaning requirements.

Masters Services is a locally operated, family owned company. We are not a franchise. We are hands-on owners and practically everyone in our extended family is involved with our wildlife relocation and fireplace cleaning Dallas company. When it comes to anything to do with fireplace cleaning Dallas or wildlife relocation, Masters Services is the company to call on. If birds have nested in your chimney, we can deal with that for you. If rattlesnakes have nested in your garage, we can take care of that, as well. You see, Masters Services is not just about fireplace cleaning Dallas.

Fireplace cleaning company in Dallas TX

Masters Services

11245 Goodnight Lane

Phone: 972-877-4650

Masters Services is a world class fireplace cleaning Dallas company, but we do more than just a fine job of scouring the flues of residential fireplace chimneys. We are also quite adept at wildlife removal and relocation. You might be amazed to learn how many fireplace flues are nested by birds and animals who are seeking a nice place to settle. While a fireplace is actually burning, it’s not so nice, but in between fires, a chimney can be quite appealing for a wild thing that is looking to set up residence. Don’t try to deal with chimney problems or fireplace cleaning Dallas on your own. You will only make a mess. We have the experience, the tools and the techniques to do the job right. Save our number into your phone and use it any time you require our services. Remember to call for fireplace cleaning Dallas before the start of every fireplace season.

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