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When should you start looking for a Houston chimney sweep?

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Do you know when you should start looking for a Houston chimney sweep?

Need a chimney sweep? We got you covered! With Houston chimney sweeps we can have your chimney working like new in no time. Sometimes the insides of your chimney can be caked with all sorts of gross stuff. Many times this can be avoided! The most common buildup in chimneys today is Creosote, a smoky tar-like residue that accumulates in your flue while you burn wood. One of the hallmarks of creosote buildup is the smell of smoke in your home. Especially, when it rains after the water comes down your chimney and interacts with the creosote buildup. You can put out the fire before the fire is even lit if you take care of your chimney and fireplace with Houston Chimney sweeps.

Chimney Sweep Houston

Some of the things our Houston Chimney sweep will look for while they are doing their inspections are, cracks in the firebox, a working damper system, we check the lintel for separation, debris on the smoke shelf and fire hazard cracking, we also check to see that your chimney is in good working order, looking at the inside and the outside. We are careful to make sure that the entire system is in good condition to ensure that you have no problems with smoke or fires. If you do need a cleaning after we are capable of doing that on the spot.

We offer a no muss- no fuss cleaning experience and we ensure that there is no mess left behind. Our technicians use a HEPA filtered vacuum system to ensure that there are no particulates in the air to settle on your furniture or floor. Our Technicians show up in uniform, driving a truck with our logo and arrive with all of the tools necessary for the task at hand.

Houston Chimney sweep services not only include the basics of cleaning and keeping your chimney in good working condition, but we are also available to restore both the brick and the mortar inside your firebox, replace refractory paneling, restore or replace the damper mechanisms and repair and restore the masonry at the top of your chimney. Houston Chimney sweeps also have the ability to manufacture and replace, restore or supply chimney caps to prevent animal intrusions as well as rain damage.

Give Masters Services (713) 723-4854 a call for your Houston chimney sweep needs and we can help keep your fireplace and chimney in tip top shape!

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