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Summer Chimney Sweep Services

Summer Chimney Sweep Services by Master Services

Chimney sweep services needed in the Spring and Summer? Yes, chimney sweep services is an all year round needed service. You may not use your chimney in the winter, or ever, but the chimney is still there getting used on the exterior of your home. Chimneys are an architectural feature of many exteriors. Decorative or just plain there your chimney is getting pounded by Mother Nature.


Mother Nature & Chimney Sweep Services

Chimney sweep services are your chimneys shield to Mother Natures wrath. What do chimney sweeps do in the Spring and Summer?

  1. Solve chimney leaks
  2. Prevent future moisture damages
  3. Evict unwanted wildlife from chimneys
  4. Repair decaying fireplaces and chimneys
  5. Install chimney caps
  6. Dryer vent cleaning
  7. Build fireplaces and chimneys

Dallas chimney Sweeps and Houston chimney sweep stay pretty busy with the Texas inclement weather. Over time rust occurs on spray painted sheet metal chimney caps. Here is a picture of a chimney chase cover we replaced due to rust and hail damage in Lewisville, Texas.

Chimney Cap Replacement


Solve Chimney Leaks

We have the expertise to solve chimney leak issues fast. Knowing how to inspect the correct leak in a chimney is not always as easy as just waterproofing the chimney. Here at Masters Services we solve every chimney leak that can and does occur in the chimney. We do not just do one repair for the leak, we do them all to ensure a total moisture protection seal.

Chimney Leaks Solved

As you can see above this chimney has a chimney cap covering the top of the chimney keeping out damaging moisture and unwanted critters. This chimney cap protects the mortar crown and the first row of bricks. Under the chimney cap the mortar crown was overlaid with new mortar and sealed with Crown Coat, a ChimneySaver chimney leak protectant. The exterior brick of the chimney is sprayed with Saver Systems Solvent Base Waterproofing. Then we bond the chimney to the flashing to the roof with Saver Systems ChimneyRx Elastomeric Flashing Sealant. This chimney is now 100% sealed. All these chimney products are solve chimney leaks and prevent moisture damage.


Unwanted Wildlife Removal from Chimneys

Who do you call for noises is in the chimney? Masters Services chimney sweep in Dallas and Houston can solve your wildlife removal needs. Raccoon, birds, ducks, bats, squirrels, and whatever gets into the chimney from a uncapped or bad chimney capped chimney top.

Raccoon Squirrels in Chimney

Our Dallas chimney sweep and Houston chimney sweep removes animals from chimneys as humanely as possible. Unfortunately we have to remove dead animals from the chimney as well that could not get out of the chimney. Animals enter the chimneys and live behind the damper. Its a nice environment during the warmer months. The cast iron damper and Air conditioning makes it a cozy comfortable space free from the hot summer months.

Repair Decaying Fireplaces and Chimneys

Dallas Houston Chimney Repairs

Chimneys and fireplaces are a specialized area of repair and know how. Roofers scratch their heads on water leaks at times. Chimney leaks can seem to be roof leaks at times and not knowing the difference can be costly and time consuming. That is why chimney sweeps in Dallas and Houston stay busy in the warmer months. Brick chimneys seem to crumble during the warmer months. Actually its just noticed in the warmer months and has been happening for years, general deterioration.
We brought these two chimney twins from the brink of being torn down.

Chimney cap

Install Chimney Caps

Our main business is always moisture and fire prevention. We never stop educating on the importance a full coverage chimney cap. Keep moisture out! We here at Masters Services fabricate our own chimney caps. Our 13,000 square foot facility in Denton, Texas fabricates and ships chimney caps across the US and we install for our own customers. There is no other chimney service as ACCURATE as us at being the best chimney cap manufacturer on the planet! There is only one Masters Services, everyone else just follows our lead in innovation in the chimney industry.

Chimney Cap Options

Yes, chimney sweeps services are very much needed in the Spring and Summer. When you have a chimney leak, animal in your chimney, or finally notice that your chimney needs some attention call us, Masters Services.

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