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Dallas Area Storms Create Chimney Cap Damages

Chimney Cap Replacement
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Storms Create Major Damage to Chimney Caps

The spring of 2017 has created weather havoc for Dallas area chimney caps and chimneys. Many chimneys have been blown over. Chimney cap damages are creating water leaks. Chimney leaks from damaged or missing chimney caps leave ceilings and walls on the interior of homes with water damage and mold growth.
Do not wait to get your chimney cap replaced. Immediate attention could save you thousands of dollars in interior costs.

Chimneys Knocked Over By Dallas Storms

Chimney Rebuild
High winds have knocked over chimneys. Some chimneys are laying in the yard or even still on the roofs. The chimney caps can not typically be reused. The chimney rebuild will result in a new measurement for the chimney cap. Chimney caps are measured to fit the exact chimney top for a water tight seal.

Best Replacement Chimney Caps

If your chimney cap came off during the recent storms in Dallas, Texas you may consider a better chimney cap style. Your chimney cap may have came off because…

  1. Poor installation
  2. Improper style of chimney cap
  3. Didn’t fit properly
  4. Chimney deterioration
  5. Chimney cap rusted

High winds can also just be too much for any chimney creating chimney cap damages, even if installed properly and no deteriorated chimney components.


Hail Damaged Chimney Caps

Chimney caps get highly damaged by hail. Quarter size hail and larger can leave dents in chimney caps.

Storm Damaged Chimney Cap


If you believe you may have chimney cap damages from hail call Masters Services to come out and do a free estimate on a new chimney cap.


Hail Damaged Chimney Cap


Hail dented this chimney cap so bad it looks smashed. This type of termination cap for chimneys does not protect the mortar crown. It allows moisture down the chimney flue that creates cracks and rust on the fireplace components.


Consider a Chimney Cap Upgrade

Chimney Cap Upgrade

Upgraded chimney cap with raised hip roof lid #2. Unique to most homes the upgraded #2 is a mice option to any old boring flat lid chimney cap.

Upgraded Chimney Cap

A flat cover over a prefabricated chimney is called a chase cover. Upgrade that with a Stevenson Chimney Cap Shroud. As you can see it has legs holding up a turtle like shell covering the chase cover adding additional moisture protection.

Hayes Bell Chimney cap
A great decorative option after the chimney cap damages have occurred is to really make your roof line pop by installing the Hayes Bell Chimney Cap Shroud. This chimney cap can be installed on any chimney top. Copper, Paint Grip, and Dark Bronze are the most common finishes. Allows no moisture, no animals, and protects everything for the lifetime of the chimney.


2016 and 2017 have been especially harsh on chimneys and chimney cap damages. Hail has dented up chimney caps in Denton, Argyle, Lewisville, Coppell, Dallas, McKinney, Frisco, Arlington, Fort Worth, Southlake, and many more Dallas Fort Worth surrounding cities. Masters Services Dallas Chimney Sweep does any and all chimney repairs and chimney rebuilds, large and small.

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