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Raccoon in the Attic Dallas? Call in the Experts at Masters Services

Animal in the Attic After Removal

Hearing scratches and noises coming from the ceiling? Typically, the signs of wildlife on your property are not obvious until the problem has gone on for some time. Scratching, chirps from the attic and damaged home building materials are a few obvious signs of an infestation.

However, a Dallas raccoon removal specialist can identify less obvious signs of an infestation, such as raccoon tracks or trails, during an inspection so that wildlife problems are eliminated before the damage is significant.

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Why Raccoons can be Dangerous

Raccoons have found it easy to gain access into attics by tearing apart roofing and siding at split level roof points. Masters Services traps many raccoons in the attic that have caused roofing damage in Dallas. Here is a picture of what you might expect top look for if you think you might have a raccoon in your attic.

Raccoon in the Attic Dallas
Raccoon in the Attic Dallas

We trapped this raccoon that very night. We did the repairs, some minor clean up, and sanitized the attic when we came back to pick up the raccoon. Fast, efficient, satisfied customer all in 24 hours.

A raccoon removal company in Dallas like Masters Services has a variety of techniques homeowners can use for preventive measures. The first is to properly secure outside garbage cans. One way to do this may be to build a small enclosure or take them into a garage. Another measure is to put away any pet food left out in the open.

A raccoon in the attic can make a big mess along with causing expensive repairs if not dealt with immediately. Call Masters Services to handle all your wildlife removal needs.

As a property owner, it is important to act quickly at the first sign of a raccoon to avoid costly damage to your building or personal health. Have you heard scurrying, scratching or even spotted your culprit? If so, then call Masters Services at 972-877-4650 or fill out our online scheduler.

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