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If you are in need of a professional chimney sweep, meet our team!

All Staff for Masters Services


We have the largest chimney sweep team ever ready to service you!


Masters Services is now into our 18th year of chimney service! In this time we have expanded from our one office in the Dallas area to now 5 major service cities, Dallas, Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, Houston and Denver, Colorado. We have gone from one technician and one call center staff to a full team ready to service you at a moments notice.


Introducing our team!

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Our management team and call center staff are lead by Chad Murray, Christa Murray and Wanda Boe in ensuring training, scheduling and fabrication are all kept on track. Our team has over 200 combined years of experience in customer service, we are made up of the hand picked best of the best in the chimney sweep field. In our strive to offer the best products possible to our clients we opened and now operate our own metal fabrication shop where we make all of our custom chimney caps and other chimney and fireplace items.


From your basement to your roof we can help you!

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This year also saw our expansion from a chimney sweep and wildlife removal company to the addition of a Master Plumber in our ranks. Joshua Wilkerson has over 11 years of experience in plumbing before earning his title of Master Plumber. He was introduced to plumbing by his father in law who saw that Josh would be a natural fit for the challenges that you face when working in commercial and residential plumbing. Early on when Josh came aboard I remember asking him, “Why plumbing?”. His answer really made me think. He said the one thing that makes us a civilized people is the invention and operation of modern day plumbing, it allows us to bathe, wash clothing, eliminate waste from living areas and in general live a cleaner and healthier life.


Our chimney guys are the best of the best!


With the leader at the help being our Certified Chimney Professional, Chad Murray, each of the members of our chimney sweep and service team are trained to be experts in our services before they arrive at your home. We have all been taught that the chimney tells the story, your safety in burning in your home is our highest priority.


Masters Services is here and ready to help you with any of your chimney service, plumbing and wildlife removal needs!


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