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Dallas Chimney Sweep

Master Services Members 2016

Masters Services (972) 877-4650 is the best rated Dallas
chimney sweep.

Over 300 ServicesMagic 5 star reviews, A+ rating with the BBB, our perfect 30/30 Google ranking,  Prefered Angies List Member, and the only chimnmey sweep in Texas to qualify by their own customer surveys to be in the Best Picks Reports contractor book.

Dallas has a climate to support a cold enough winter to warrant having a chimney. Many Dallas residences also have outdoor fireplaces or firepits. Almost every Dallas home has a fireplace and chimney. The chimney and fireplace industry is good in Dallas for several reasons. First reason is that everyone has a chimney, therefore everyones needs fireplace and chimney maintainence. Second reason is many people enjoy using their fireplaces requiring maintenance. Third reason is water leaks and decay of the chimney and fireplace. The final reason is bird and animal entry into the chimney takes a trained chimney professional to safely remove.

Chad Murray Certified

Chad Murray is our founder and C.E.O. His wife Christa and him started this chimney service 16 years ago. Chad earned his Certified Chimney Professional Certification and is a published authority on chimney and fireplace safety. If you look up and research Masters Services you will find no other chimney service rated as well as them. Five years ago Chad brought his mother and his step-father into the business as well as expanding with his best friend and his wife to Houston.

Our Dallas Chimney Sweep services include:

Masters Services typically has the soonest availability of any other sweep services.

We can service your fireplace because the have enough trained chimney technicians on staff to keep up with the demand. Always uniformed, nice Masters Services trucks, and our call center is ready to answer any questions you may have about scheduling. When you call we always answer the phone with a live trained call center professional. Notice when you do call how pleasant and easy it is to make an appointment. Our technicians are employees, not subcontractors. Here at Masters Services we also believe in no hard selling or scare tactics to make you purchase repairs or items you do not need. We will show and thoroughly explain why and how we will do what we suggest. No work is started until approved by you, the homeowner and our boss.

Not all Dallas Chimney Sweeps are alike.


CERTIFIED- Spent the money and time to be the most educated chimney service in Dallas.

EXPERIENCE- 16 years of know how the chimneys in Dallas function and what the most common repairs are necessary.

PROFESSIONAL – Uniformed Employees, Business General Liability Insurance, Workman Compensation for our employees, Estimates and Invoices Emailed not hand written by a sweaty technician, and 2013 Logo’d Trucks

LOCALLY OWNED- Masters Services was founded in DFW, yet has expanded to Houston, Oklahoma City, and Denver.

PRODUCTS- Masters Services fabricates its own chimney caps, replacement refractory panels, and reflector shields. All other products are if possible made in the USA.

Masters Services is the best Dallas Chimney Sweep and we invite you to become one of our 30,000 satisfied customers, make you appointment today.

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