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Chimney Sweep Does More Than Chimney Sweep Services

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Chimney sweep does more than chimney sweep service. Masters Services does chimney rebuilds, chimney caps, fireplace doors, gas logs, nuisance wildlife removal, and plumbing.

Masters Services has been growing into a complete home services provider for over 18 years. Starting as a local chimney sweep in Dallas and Fort Worth, Masters Services has grown service to Houston, Oklahoma City, and Denver as well.

Masters Services chimney sweep offers quality safety inspections on chimneys and fireplaces. We have IPads or tablets to perform each chimney inspection. Photos of the repairs can be inserted into the chimney inspection to offer a unique look into what repairs are necessary. Once the chimney inspection is completed then the chimney inspection can be emailed to the customer. The days of sooty and sweaty paper invoices are over! If the customer wants any of the work performed that the chimney inspections revealed then they go to their digital estimate and hit the approval button. An email is sent to our call center after the customer approves the estimate. Then the call center will call to schedule the work to be performed.

What is included in a Masters Services chimney inspection?

All the components of the chimney and fireplace are looked at for proper functionality, properly sealed, no decay, and cleanliness.

Components of a chimney and fireplace…

  • Firebox. Checked for cracks or separation in mortar joint or refractor panels
  • Lintle. Checking the space in between the chimney and the hearth is sealed
  • Gas Starter. If present checking to see if it is flowing gas properly into the wood on the grate
  • Damper. Performs properly in open and closed position
  • Smoke Shelf. Smooth flowing up to the flue with no cracks present and no critters present
  • Flue. Visually checking to see if properly lined with no cracks present
  • Chimney. Tall enough to draw properly, no cracks or separation, solid construction, waterproofed? On wood chase is it rotting and still in good condition
  • Flashing. No rust and installed correctly
  • Mortar Crown. Solid mortar at the top of the chimney still holding and sealing the top row of bricks
  • Chase Cover. On a prefab flue has no rust and collar is sealed with a good sealant
  • Chimney Cap. If present, covers entire chimney top and is rust free
  • Gas Logs. If present do the draw correctly, has proper filter on the gas burner pan, and cracks in logs
  • Fireplace Doors. Good condition and installed correctly
  • What does Masters Services do more than a normal chimney sweep?

    Chimney Sweeps generally concentrate on safety concerns and easy repairs as a service provider. Larger repairs and corrections are noted but not estimated. Here at Masters Services we provide the service and the contractor services to repair most chimney corrections. For instance if your chimney exterior is spalling so bad that it needs to be rebuilt, Master Services will tear it down and build you a new exterior chimney. A second example is if your wood chimney chase is rotting and needs to be replaced. Masters Services will tear down the old chimney and frame a new chimney, add the siding, add the trim, flash it, seal it, and paint the new chimney chase. A new chimney cap will then be placed on top of the chase.
    Masters Services also sells and installs R.H.Peterson gas logs and fire glass. We offer an excellent selection of appearances for every fireplace design imaginable.
    If your fireplace needs a designer look or just a safety Masters Services can give you endless options of fireplace doors to fit your needs. We offer custom steel handmade fireplace doors to factory built safety doors. We offer free estimates for any fireplace door.
    Masters Services is a chimney service that also provides the obvious chimney services. Of course we still clean chimneys, install chimney caps, reline chimney flues, repair mortar joints and brick work, remove unwanted birds and critters from chimneys, and do fire safety inspections.

    Local chimney sweep does nuisance wildlife removal

    Your Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and Denver chimney sweep, Masters Services does professional nuisance wildlife removal. Bird in your eaves, raccoon in the attic, opossum under the bbq grill, bats in siding, armadillo digging up the yard, rats in the attic, and squirrels chewing on your house are some of the most common critter problems Masters Services resolves. Masters Services does not handle domestic animals, sorry no dogs and cats.
    Masters Services has an excellent reputation for success in solving almost every nuisance wildlife issue it has taken on. Masters Services to date has completed with excellence every nuisance wildlife call it has taken on it books.
    The method of wildlife removal can be varied as using traps to using scent controls. Repairs range from screwing a screen back up to replacing an entire side of an houses siding. Every job is different and warrants unique repairs.

    Masters Services chimney sweep hires Masters Plumber

    Over the years Masters Services have used the services of plumbers numerous times. For these reasons we decided to hire a Master Plumber to do plumbing services. The summer of 2014 we hired a Master Plumber.
    Our Plumbing services include unclogging drains, toilets, bath tubs, sinks, and disposals. Masters Services can install a water heater or improve your hot water situation by installing a tankless water heater. New construction plumbing can be done by our plumbers as well as additions and remodels.

    The Masters Services Difference

    In business for 18 years, Masters Services has learned how to operate a highly efficient service. Our technicians are clean, uniformed, and are highly knowledgeable of our services. We use late model vehicles, 2014 dodge trucks. Masters Services is always current on the newest technologies available for our industries. All calls are answered by a trained call center person that is knowledgeable of the industry necessary, not a guy on a roof taking your appointment. All chimney caps and many chimney parts are fabricated by our sheet metal shop. We really are family owned and operated. We have weekly training meetings to evaluate and praise the technicians.

    Masters Services chimney sweep has expanded to service the community with all possible related services to the chimney industry.

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