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The Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston has ever seen!

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Have you been searching for dryer vent cleaning Houston? There is one thing for certain, hiring a company that offers dryer vent cleaning Houston will ensure that your dryer vents are cleaned properly.

If you have a laundry room in your house, you really ought to obtain regular dryer vent cleaning. Houston homeowners please call 713.723.4854  to schedule a thorough vent cleaning. Dryer lint can be more dangerous than you ever imagined. We also provide world class chimney sweep services.

Dryer lint appears, on the surface, to be rather innocuous stuff. It’s soft and clean and fluffy. Birds line their nests with it. Some people even make art out of dryer lint. But the tragic truth about dryer lint is that it can be highly flammable stuff. Over time, and it doesn’t take long, lint can build up in the venting system of your clothes dryer. Whether gas or electric, you really ought to avail yourself of Masters Services dryer vent cleaning. Houston has more dryer fires annually than you ever hear about. There are actually thousands of dryer fires in America every year, and a large portion of those fires are started by a buildup of lint. A homeowner can do much to keep dryer lint at bay, but it requires a professional with the expertise and tools to really do proper dryer vent cleaning Houston.

Dryer Vent Cleaning experts in Houston suggest:

If you ever had to go to a laundromat to wash and dry your clothes, sheets and towels, you know what a chore it can be. Hauling full hampers to and from your car is a real strenuous task. Having laundry facilities at home is a wonderful luxury and one that many people only wish they had. When you move into an apartment or house that has a laundry room, you may not be told about the necessity of regular professional dryer vent cleaning Houston. Well, now you know. Keep your laundry area as lint-free as you can, and give us a call now and then. We are Masters Services and we’d be delighted to come clean your dryer vents.

Dryer Cleaning Tips and What to Look Out For…

When you need to clean and inspect your dryer, there are a few important things that you should look out for. Here are a few helpful tips:

When it comes to dryer ducting, it’s important to note that it has to be a minimum of four inches in diameter. In addition, your flexible transition hose that goes between your wall outlet and the dryer must be aluminum flexible duct or foil. Also, make sure you avoid using vinyl or plastic.

Another important thing to remember is that ‘concealed ducting’ has to be strong metal duct. The duct joints have to be installed in a way so that the end points in the same direction as the airflow. Never secure your joints with duct tape. Make sure you secure them with metal tape; otherwise, the air cannot flow properly. In addition, make sure you never use screws or rivets in the joints because this can cause an accumulation of lint.

Also, the actual length of your concealed metal ducting should never be longer than 35 feet long. Another important thing to note is that your dryer venting should be completely separate from your exhaust or chimney vent.

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