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Dryer Vent Cleaning Dallas by Masters Services

Dallas Houston Dryer Vent Cleaning

A very common, very important service is frequently overlooked and forgotten by most home owners: dryer vent cleaning. Dallas residents would be wise to call Masters Services at (972) 877-4650 to set up a dryer vent cleaning. Need dryer vent cleaning dallas – call the experts at Masters Services.

Dallas is at risk. Ignorance has allowed thousands of people to die annually due to poorly ventilated dryers causing house fires. Birds can nest inside the dryer vent and eventually block the vent and cause a house fire.

Masters Services is located at 11245 Goodnight Lane, Dallas, Texas 75229. They are able to send out a professional from their Dallas location for dryer vent cleaning. Dallas residents cannot afford to let their dryer vent go without being cleaned. The price for a first story dryer vent cleaning is $129.99. $149.99 is the charge for a second story or roof dryer vent cleaning. Dallas local Masters Services’ average $140 charge is much more reasonable than the cost of rebuilding an incinerated house or skyrocketing insurance premiums.

When getting a dryer vent cleaning, Dallas residents mostly likely clean their house up in anticipation for a stranger coming to their house. It is a common necessity for the human psyche to need to present a person as a clean, organized person.the professionals at Masters Services will not judge their customers’ homes and the conditions of the interior. The only housing condition about which the dryer vent cleaners are concerned is the condition of the customers’ dryer vents. If the condition is subpar, the customers are at risk for a house fire.

Fires are a big risk, which overshadows another consequence of not getting proper dryer vent cleaning. Dallas residents who fail to have their vents cleaned risk the necessity of longer drying sessions. Without proper ventilation, the dryer takes longer to completely dry the clothes. This leads to the dryer having to run longer to get the clothes dry. Dryers are not Energy Star certified due to their energy consumption. Running it longer will use more energy, and, in turn, raise the electricity bill. If the dryer is left to run when a home owner leaves the house or goes to bed, the poor drying quality of a dryer with a dirty vent may leave the clothes in the drum damp even after the timer goes off. Damp clothes left to sit in the dryer drum will lead to musty smelling clothes and possibly moldy clothes, as well. Need dryer vent cleaning dallas – call the experts at:

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