CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps
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CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps

CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep

Masters Services Certified Chimney Sweep and Technicians

Puts Your Home and Family First

CSIA Chimney Inspectors

Monique McGhee
4 months ago

When I made the appointment the person who a answered the phone was friendly and professional. Joshua came out to the appointment on time, he was very knowledgeable and very professional. Joshua explained things to us on what he was about to do and my next steps. I would recommend this company and Joshua as well. The price was reasonable too.

Eric Kaminsky
a week ago

Brock came out look at our chimney and fireplace. He was available early, so he called and offered to come out sooner. While he was looking at our fireplace/chimney, he talked us through the process so we knew EXACTLY what we were looking at- regardless of how good… or bad the information was. He was certainly very personable, so we never felt uncomfortable asking any questions that came to mind… A straight shooter that we would definitely recommend to anyone looking for chimney or fireplace work. An easy 5 out of 5 stars.

Sherry Scofield
a month ago

They were prompt, knowledgeable, showed up on time and did an exceptional job. Cory was able to give concise information that made my decisions quick and easy….Chimney Caps are beautiful and really finish out my house. Great Service !! 


Looking for the best Chimney Sweep in Texas? That’s us! We have invested in the training and have more Certified Chimney Sweeps than any other chimney service in the State of Texas. We are also in the top 10 for the most certifications in the country. We are proud to tell you we know the current codes and standards for correctly burning fireplace and chimney. We do not inspect with a flashlight nor visually without a chimney camera going up the flue to see the current conditions.

As an important vent system in your home, your chimney is susceptible to damage from the elements, critters, and wear over time. Each chimney camera inspection is done to provide a detailed safety report of any moisture, fire, or animal damage that has occurred over time to the chimney components. We only perform sweeps after a chimney has been professionally inspected!

Masters Services Certified Chimney Sweep and Technicians

Puts Your Home and Family First



Masters Services inspects with a robotic like camera on the end of a sweep pole filming and/or taking pictures of the current conditions of the chimney. Using the camera guarantees that we can reach and see every angle of the chimney flue. We encourage you to watch with our Inspectors as the put the camera up the chimney. No issue is left uncovered.


Masters Services will sweep the chimney if we need to see the flue for the inspection otherwise will NOT sweep the flue if we can see it is not up to current gas exhausting conditions. The sweep will be performed by the technicians that perform the repairs after the estimate is approved. The chimney will tell us the story.


After inspecting, Masters Services will then give the inspection report and estimated cost of repairs from the issues found. Estimates from Master Services includes what the exact code violations are. The estimate also provides specific details on how we would correct them to then have a chimney that performs up to current NFPA 211 or IRC standards.

Chimney Fire Being Put Out by Jason Miller

Regular Chimney Cleaning Minimizes Hazards And Maximizes Efficiency.

Ensuring the safety of your home is our top priority, having even a controlled fire in your home can be dangerous if the tools, your fireplace and all of it’s parts, are not maintained properly and kept in great condition.
As a Certified Chimney Professional, Masters Services has inspected over 80,000 chimneys and fireplaces in any and every condition. A homeowner never really knows how dirty the chimney flue is until a chimney professional has completed a thorough inspection. We have often found that the fireplace looks remodeled and appears to be brand spanking new, when in fact the chimney was never serviced and is a complete fire hazard.
New fireplaces also are commonly installed incorrectly or even incomplete. Having Masters Services inspect new construction is a good idea. We have found many issues with new construction that has been completed by an untrained mason or prefabricated install.
Anytime you purchase a new home a “Level 2” inspection is recommended by the National Fire Protection Agency to have a Certified Chimney Sweep or Professional perform the inspection.
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Masters Services Certified Chimney Sweep and Technicians

Puts Your Home and Family First

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