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Do You Need to Hire a Local Chimney Sweep Even If You Don’t Use Your Harris County Fireplace Often?

For more than two decades, Master Services, a premier Woodglen, TX chimney sweep, has been ensuring the efficiency and safety of Harris County fireplaces. We employ a team of certified, fully licensed, and fully insured technicians who use the most advanced equipment, cutting-edge technologies, and proven techniques and strategies to deliver exceptional results. Routine cleanings, annual inspections, and emergency repairs; no matter what type of service you need, if you’re looking for a local chimney sweep that offers efficient, reliable, and affordable service, look no further than the experts at Master Services.

Why Hiring a Woodglen, TX Chimney Sweep is Important Even If You Rarely Use Your Fireplace

You have a fireplace, but you don’t really use it very often, which, given the year-round warm temperatures in Harris County, is totally understandable. Once in a while, however, you might decide that you want to light a fire, like an abnormally cold night or when you want to create some ambiance, for example. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) suggests annual chimney cleanings; however, because you don’t use your fireplace frequently, you can’t help but wonder if that recommendation applies to you.

Whether it’s a handful of times or just once a year, regardless of how infrequently you use your Harris County fireplace, yes, you should still invest in the services of a Woodglen, TX chimney sweep. Read on to find out why hiring a local chimney sweep is recommended, even though you use your fireplace sparingly.

To Reduce Fire Risks

According to the NFPA, chimney fires are the leading cause of house fires in the United States. Seldom used fireplaces can cause chimney fires, too. Even if you only use your fireplace once or twice a year, the fires you do burn produce creosote, a sticky, tar-like substance that accumulates inside the flue. Creosote is a highly flammable substance. If you light a fire just a few times a year, if you do so over the course of several years, that creosote still builds up, which means that when you do go to use your fireplace on a special occasion, that creosote could ignite and cause a house fire.

Creosote isn’t the only factor that can lead to a chimney fire; so can blockages. Outdoor dirt and debris, such as leaves, twigs, and acorns, can blow into the chimney. Animals, like bats, birds, squirrels, and raccoons, seek shelter in dark, compact, out-of-the-way locations, and chimneys certainly fit that description. Whether it’s outdoor debris or critters and their nests, foreign materials are flammable and can ignite on the rare occasion you light a fire.

To reduce the risk of a house fire, hiring a Woodglen, TX chimney sweep is strongly recommended. A local Harris County chimney sweep will thoroughly clean your chimney to remove all creosote buildup and blockages, thus minimizing the fire hazards and increasing your safety.

To Detect Structural Damage

Even if you never use your fireplace, your chimney could sustain structural damage and that damage could cause serious problems for you and your Harris County home. Constant exposure to the elements can degrade the mortar that holds the bricks together. Ground shifting and settling can also weaken the mortar. The flue that lines your chimney can break down, the chimney cap could become damaged or come off completely, or moisture intrusion could occur. These are just some of the structural damages that can affect a chimney, and they can lead to disastrous effects. These types of issues can weaken the entire structural integrity of your chimney, and using an unstable chimney could be extremely dangerous. In severe situations, the entire structure could potentially collapse.

A reputable and experienced local chimney sweep will perform a thorough inspection of your entire chimney. They’ll detect any issues, and depending on the services the Woodglen, TX chimney sweep offers, they may be able to correct those issues, too. Correcting structural damages will ensure the safety of your chimney and your Harris County home, even if you use your fireplace just once a year – or once every 10 years.

To Save Money

You might be under the impression that hiring a Woodglen, TX chimney sweep to clean and inspect your chimney when you use your fireplace so infrequently is a waste of money; in reality, however, not having your Harris County chimney professionally cleaned and inspected can actually end up costing you more. If you neglect your chimney and it becomes inundated with creosote buildup, debris or animals cause blockages, or the integrity of the structure is compromised, at some point, you could end up dealing with serious damages. For instance, if your chimney is blocked and on the rare occasion that you use your fireplace, that blockage causes a house fire, or if the structural integrity of the chimney is weakened and it collapses, you’ll be looking at costly repairs. Annual maintenance performed by a professional local chimney sweep will help you avoid unexpected exorbitant expenses.

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Given the above information, it’s easy to see why hiring a local chimney sweep, no matter how seldom you use your fireplace, is so important. For the most reliable, efficient, and affordable chimney care services in Harris County, get in touch with Master Services. Call 713-723-4854 or today!

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