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Types of Chimney Services You Might Need for Your Harris County Home

Master Services is a full-service, locally owned and operated chimney cleaning and maintenance company. For more than 20 years, our South Houston, TX chimney sweeps have been cleaning, inspecting, maintaining, and repairing the chimneys and ensuring the safety of Harris County property owners. Whether you need a routine cleaning and inspection, an unexpected emergency has popped up, your chimney needs to be relined or your cap needs to be replaced, you can count on us for all of your needs. When you choose our fully licensed, insured, and certified technicians for your chimney services, you can have confidence knowing that you’ll receive comprehensive, high-quality, and affordable results.

Types of Harris County Chimney Services

A fireplace provides welcomed warmth and adds architectural interest to your home. It serves as the centerpiece of family gatherings on chilly nights and it’s where you hang your stockings with care during the holidays. In other words, a fireplace is a focal point of your Harris County home, and in order to ensure that it’s operating properly and safely, the chimney needs to be properly maintained. There are different types of chimney services available that are designed to keep your fireplace in tip-top shape. Here’s an overview of some of the key services that a reputable South Houston, TX chimney sweep will provide.


Inspections are one of the primary chimney services that a reliable South Houston, TX chimney sweep professional will offer. Even if they aren’t used regularly, chimneys can sustain damage. Constant exposure to the elements can damage the various components that a chimney is comprised of; the liner, the masonry, and the cap, for example. Even minor damage to any of the components of a chimney can result in serious problems. For example, a crack in the masonry can lead to moisture damage, while damage to the liner could result in a chimney fire that could quickly spread and engulf the rest of your Harris County home.

A reputable South Houston, TX chimney sweep will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the entire structure. They’ll use the most state-of-the-art tools and technologies to check every component and will detect even the smallest problems so that they can correct them before a major problem occurs. A detailed chimney inspection is recommended at least once a year.

Chimney Cleaning

Chimney cleaning is another common chimney service that a reputable chimney specialist will provide. Each time you use your fireplace, the byproducts of combustion, such as soot, ash, and creosote, collect in the firebox and accumulate on the surface of the flue. Those byproducts are highly combustible and can ignite when you light a fire, and the more buildup, the greater the risk of a fire. Debris from the outdoors, such as leaves, acorns, and twigs, can collect inside a chimney, too; animals can also take up refuge and nest inside the structure. These elements are flammable, too.

In order to reduce the risk of fire, annual chimney cleaning is highly recommended. A licensed and trained South Houston, TX chimney sweep will thoroughly clean the interior of your chimney, such as the flue, firebox, and damper. They’ll remove the buildup of creosote, soot, and ash, as well as any outdoor debris, nests, and even animals.

Chimney Cap Repair or Replacement

As the name suggests, a chimney cap is quite literally a cap that sits on the very top of a chimney and covers the opening. This feature provides a number of purposes. It prevents rainwater from entering the chimney and pooling in the fireplace, stops drafts from blowing into your Harris County home, contains the sparks and embers that flow up through your chimney from the fires that burn in the firebox, reduces the risk of debris buildup, and blocks animals from entering the chimney.

In other words, a chimney cap is pretty important, but because it is constantly exposed to the elements, it can become damaged and even fall off. A South Houston, TX chimney sweep will be able to repair or replace a damaged chimney cap to ensure that the structure is shielded.


Moisture is a chimney’s worst enemy. Even a small amount of water can cause extensive damage and weaken the structural integrity of a chimney. If moisture makes its way in through a chimney, it can seep into the surrounding construction materials, such as plywood and sheetrock, which could eventually lead to mold growth. To prevent the damage that moisture can cause, waterproofing is highly recommended. This chimney service involves inspecting the integrity of the structure, checking for signs of cracks and holes, repairing any damages, and applying a waterproof sealant to the exterior of the chimney. Waterproofing prevents moisture from infiltrating a chimney and prevents the extensive damage that moisture can cause.

Chimney Relining

Chimney relining is another service that a credible South Houston, TX chimney sweep professional will provide. A liner serves several functions. It prevents heat from transferring to the combustible elements of your Harris County home that surround the chimney, thus reducing the risk of fire. It also prevents the mortar of a chimney from being damaged by the gases that flow through your chimney. These gases are highly acidic and can erode the mortar that holds a chimney together. With regular use and age, however, a chimney liner can naturally break down, develop cracks, and crumble. Relining involves replacing a chimney’s existing liner with a new, high-quality, and durable liner.

For Reliable Chimney Services in Harris County, Contact Master Services

The above are just a few of the chimney services that you might need from time to time. Whether you need to have a routine inspection and cleaning, or an emergency repair needs to be made, contact a premier South Houston, TX chimney sweep: Master Services. For more information call 713-723-4854 or visit

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