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Why Should Houston Chimney Sweep Professionals be Certified?

Chimney Sweeping Tools

A New Home Rental Inspection Should Include a Chimney Sweep

If you have recently moved into a place or are renting you will want to consider a chimney sweep. Houston professional services offered by Masters Services are necessary to insure the safety of your property. You may be surprised to find upon inspection that the previous homeowner has never had the chimney cleaned or inspected. If the owner has never had the chimney cleaned it could pose a serious risk during winter when you are ready to use the chimney. The thing with using a dirty chimney is you won’t really be able to know when it can become deadly or hazardous to your health.

Why Houston Chimney Sweep Professionals should be certified

Taking a close look at the chimney before you move into a new house is a great idea. It can actually save you a lot of time and money in the long run. If you are going to be a new tenant you can ask the owner if they have recently had the chimney cleaned. If they haven’t perhaps you can request that they have it professionally cleaned prior to moving in. Some renters have found problems in the chimney after moving in and their landlord wasn’t keen on paying to have cleaned.

Peace of mind is worth the money you will spend on a professional chimney sweep. Houston renters can take into consideration that if the landlord isn’t willing to pay for the chimney sweep it is still worth it to pay for the cleaning. The hazards caused by a dirty chimney such as fire and poor health can easily be remedied with a cleaning.

No one should ever have to experience the devastation caused by a fire.  Even if you have renters insurance a fire can destroy treasured memories in an instant. An additional result of an uncleaned chimney is that it becomes hazardous to health. The amount you pay for the chimney sweep in order to protect your loved ones and belongings is worth every penny. The highest rated chimney sweep Houston has to offer is Master Services and they will provide you with the quality chimney sweep you deserve.

Chimney Sweeping Houston Process

Masters Services is a Certified Chimney Professional and will visually inspect every chimney and firebox before performing a chimney sweep. Every inspection is done to provide a detailed safety report of any moisture, fire, or animal damage that has occurred over time to the chimney components.

Masters Services Certified Chimney Professional has been in the fireplace industry in Texas and Oklahoma since 1996. Colorado was expanded to in 2013.

Chad Murray, founding owner (Certified Chimney Professional), of Masters Services is published in

Masters Services serves as a Texas Chimney Sweep, Oklahoma Chimney Sweep, Colorado Chimney Sweep that has done over 50,000 chimney cleanings in over 16 years.

Masters Services handles every chimney related repair, product, and installation for your chimney and your fireplace. We keep current with the new codes, products, materials, and new methods for repairing or upgrading your chimney. If you have an idea for a chimney product and we do not offer that product contact us and we will look into offering it or becoming a dealer for that product.

As a Certified Chimney Professional, Masters Services has cleaned over 50,000 chimney and fireplaces in any and every condition. A homeowner never really knows how dirty the chimney flue is until a chimney professional has completed a thorough inspection. We have often found that the fireplace looks remodeled and appears to be brand spanking new, when in fact the chimney was never serviced and is a complete fire hazard. New home buyers should always get the chimney inspected by a Certified Chimney Professional in addition to the home inspector.

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