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A Houston Chimney Sweep Professional can Fix a Smoking Chimney

Hiring a professional in the Houston chimney sweep business is a smart choice when dealing with a smoking chimney. The last thing you want when trying to enjoy a relaxing evening by the fire is smoke blowing back into your living room. There are a few different reasons why your chimney might be pushing smoke in the wrong direction and it can be one or a combination of reasons that it is happening. A few reasons that cause back smoke can be fixed easily but others require the help a professional.

Poor ventilation can be one culprit that will cause smoke to blow down the chimney. In order for a fire to burn in needs oxygen. If air is not moving through the chimney correctly and easily it can cause the chimney to smoke.

A dirty chimney is a popular reason Houston chimney sweep professionals are called into homes. When creosote and soot build up along the chimney then it will not vent properly. When the chimney is extremely dirty it can cause black smoke to billow out of the chimney. This is unsafe and can actually cause damage to walls or furniture depending how thick it is. You can know that the smoke is caused by a dirty chimney if smoke is present the whole time and not just when the fireplace is turned on and off.

In some instance the chimney might be blocked. When a chimney is not cleaned often enough it can potentially become very dangerous. You will need a professional chimney sweep to come out and check what it causing the blockage. It could be a number of debris caused by the elements or animals.

A fireplace can be a center of a household for any family. Enjoying a warm fire on a cold day is a great way to spend time. However, if for any reason you see smoke coming down the chimney and into the house a professional needs to be contacted immediately. Don’t hesitate to call someone to come out and figure out what is causing the smoke. The smoke fumes can be both damaging and dangerous. When looking for assistance contact Houston chimney sweep professionals Masters Services.

The Masters Services Chimney Sweep Process
  1. Set up tarp.
  2. Bring in equipment.
  3. Turn on vacuum.
  4. Clean pipe with poles that have a chimney sweeps brush at the end. Run poles with brush on it to the top of the chimney and the vacuum will clean up all the falling creosote (soot).
  5. Clean all sides of firebox and damper with hand brushes.
  6. Take all equipment outside.
  7. Wrap up tarp.

This process is proven to be a no mess chimney cleaning that takes about 30 – 45 minutes.

During chimney sweeps that we preform our technicians have commonly found rain damage to the fireplace and chase. This can happen for a few reasons, two of the most common reasons are the lack of a chimney cap as well as no waterproofing. As we previously discussed, a chimney cap protects your home from water damage. Waterproofing is vital to the life of your chase, it puts a breathable barrier between your brick and the weather. Without waterproofing your bricks and mortar can act like sponges, letting water into your fireplace and damaging the brick in the mean time. The application of waterproofing is simple and extremely effective in preventing this damage from occurring.

Rebuild Masonry Chinmey Before

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