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Houston Chimney Sweep

Call your Certified Houston chimney sweep (713) 723-4854 for a safety inspection, chimney sweep, bird or animal removal, chimney caps, and repairs.

Reasons to call Masters Services:

  1. Certified Chimney Pro LogoCertified Chimney Professional. We have taken the steps to insure our knowledge of chimney safety by studing and passing the Certified Chimney Professional Certification. This allows us to keep up on current codes and new updated procedures. Plus we have taken that extra step over the competion to lead Houston in the chimney sweep field.
  2. 16 years of experience. Certification goes along way but experience goes even further. A new business that gets certified has yet to begin to see whats in or whats wrong with your chimney. Certification is codes and best practices, experience is putting that to use over 16 years.
  3. Chimney Caps. Masters Services owns itsown supporting shet metal shop that fabricates its own and other chimney sweeps chimney caps. We sell it, fabricate it, and install it. Who is better to stand by its warranty? The chimney sweep who purchase a chimney cap? Or the chimney sweep who makes his own chimney cap?
  4. Family owned and operated. This always sounds trivial and it is played up too often with companies that are just mom and pop business. Here is how we are family owned and operated. My wife and I started the business, my mother runs the call center, my step father is our lead tech in Dallas, my childhood best and his wife operate the Houston market, my college best fiend is my assistant and bookkeeper, and then all our awesome no drama techs. 40% of our company is related or lifetime relationships. Show me another service company with this strong of ties together, not in Houston.
  5. Honest and dependable. Again everyone says they are, but look at our reviews on BBB, Google, Angies List Perfered Vendor, the ONLY chimney sweep to qualify for the Best Picks Reports, and the most rated chimney sweep in Houston and Dallas on ServiceMagic. I don’t have to tell you that we are honest and dependable, look us up and our reviews proved it. (i guess i jut told you, lol)
  6. Uniformed and Logo’d Trucks. We’re not in jeans and a t-shirt. You will not be afraid of letting us in your home. I had an electrician show up at my home last year that I could not believe he made a living. Ripped jean shorts, sandels, and a truck that looked likeit had been hit with a sledge hammer all over it. I did not hire him and luckily had only outside work needed, I didn’t want him in my house. I called him because a neighbor referred him. (i don’t ask that neighbor for referrals anymore)

Masters Services as the best Houston Chimney Sweep will do a great job for you and I am sure you will be soon doing a great review about your excellent service we provided.

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