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Dirty Chimney Sweep Houston

Chimney Relining After Mortar Spraying
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Brian and Ang got a chimney sweep appointment to perform a chimney inspection and chimney sweep in north Houston. Upon entering the home the hearth and carpet was covered with soot. The customer had just moved into the residence. When they opened the damper soot came pouring out from the previous homeowners fires. Brian and Ang did a full inspection and found nothing wrong with the chimney and fireplace except it was in dire need of a “no mess chimney sweep.”

Ang went on top of the chimney and took this picture of soot falling. All the swirls of black dust is soot and is a major fire hazard to you home and family.

Soot Swirling Down the Chimney

Masters Services is leading the chimney sweep Houston industry with its experience and quality of workmanship. All of our chimney sweep Houston customers always receive an on time uniformed technician driving a logo’d truck with our name all over it.

When all said and done Brian and Ang did a perfect “No Mess Chimney Sweep” and made the chimney ready for its next wood burning fire.

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