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Masters Services doesn’t just chimney sweep Houston. Houston has a overwhelming nuisance wildlife problem. Masters Services to the rescue. Animals and birds search for easy shelter to make a home. Chimneys with no chimney cap are about as easy as it gets. Attic vents with week or no screening make your home easy to live in. We have been taking wildlife out of chimneys since we became chimney sweeps in 1996.

A customer once had a mother raccoon living in her chimney with pups. We scared the mama raccoon out and then by hand took the pups out. After placing the pups in a box in the back yard she cam back for them at dusk and relocated them.

The problem with the relocation was it was in their attic. Now being a chimney sweep Houston, Houston wildlife removal was not something I was custom to do. With a little internet research I learned to buy a trap and place it by the opening the mama raccoon entered through. Overnight I caught her and collected the pups. I was able to relocate the family together and then repair the hole she made. That’s how we went from a chimney sweep Houston, to Houston Wildlife removal.

After learning on my own experiences, I sent one of my partners (Angela) to Orlando, Florida for a training program on additional methods of wildlife removal for many other animals and birds. Raccoons, squirrels, and birds are the most common chimney invaders, but our Houston wildlife removal deals with skunks, opossums, bats, rats, snakes, and armadillos.

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