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Chimney Sweeping Houston

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Chimney Sweep Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, and Oklahoma City had the most productive 2011-2012 season in its 16 year history. With 7 trucks and 12 people providing chimney sweep services 6 days a week we want to thank everyone of our customers.

Masters Services Chimney sweep Dallas, Houston, and our other cites always does chimney inspections and sweeps with a “No Mess” policy. No soot will be blown into the house, no dirty boot prints, and no filthy equipment shall be used in any of our customers homes.

As a Certified Chimney Professional, I always stride to give the public an efficient, fast, clean, cost effective, and dependable service. My serviceman and women serve the public with a code of conduct that every customer should rely on from any service provider.

A chimney sweep in Dallas and Houston is a full time carreer. Obviously we are super busy in the fall and winter, but you may not realize we are busy with water leaks and animal removals in the spring and summer on and in chimneys. Repairs are necessary all year round. Texas and Oklahoma have such a hot and windy climate that when we have moisture it deteriorates the chimneys.

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