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Chimney Sweep Houston

As a Certified Chimney Professional we offer chimney sweeps, inspections, chimney caps, gas logs, glass doors, repairs, dampers, waterproofing, and more.

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Chad Murray, founder and CEO, has gone through the proper training to stay up to date on all chimney and fireplace safety codes by studying and passing the Certified Chimney Professional testing. Knowing not just from experience but the proper approved methods for repairing and correcting any safety issues for a chimney and fireplace is essential.

Masters Services has taken that very important step for you, the customer, to get the certifications to back up our work and recommendations.

When hiring someone to work on your Houston chimney, don’t you want someone that has achieved the formal training in the chimney industry to do the proper safety repairs up to current city codes? When choosing a chimney service, just hiring a company that advertises that they clean chimneys is not enough evidence that they know what they are properly doing. Our certifications prove we have gone through the training to help you make the correct Houston Chimney Sweep choice. A great question to ask every chimney sweep service company is if they have a copy of the current fireplace and chimney codes, the NFPA 211. If they do not, then how do they know the current and proper approved chimney and fireplace repairs and corrections for any Houston chimney sweep?

Here is a list of some of our services and products for our chimney service in Houston:

Inspect the chimney and fireplace for safety.
Clean the chimney and fireplace.
Correct smoking from entering the interior of your home.
Tuck point the cracks in chimney and firebox.
Install R.H. Peterson gas logs.
Glass doors for every fireplace.
Brick repairs or rebuild the chimney and/or firebox.
Gas starter replacements.
Damper repair or replacement.
Bird or animal removal.
Chimney cap installation.
Mortar crown rebuild or reinforcement.
Waterproof the chimney.
Wood chimney repairs and rebuilds.
All the chimney caps are fabricated by Masters Services in our own sheet metal shop. Our lifetime warranty is given by us the installer and the fabricator. We fabricate and ship chimney caps for other chimney sweeps, contractors, and roofers all across the country. Not every chimney sweep in Houston offers a full coverage chimney cap that completely stops rain deterioration and eliminates bird or critters from entering the chimney. Little flue caps do not keep out deteriorating rain and only keep out birds, not raccoons or squirrels. Master Caps completely keep out birds or critters. Our caps cover the entire top of the chimney surrounding the complete top of the chimney protecting the mortar crown and top row of bricks.

Here are some examples of our chimney caps…

Choose the right choice for a chimney sweep in Houston, Masters Services.

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