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Why do you need a chimney sweep Houston?

Chimney Cap During Job in Houston, TX

Do you know how to tell if you need a chimney sweep Houston?

There are a few guidlines that we normally suggest in terms of when to get your chimney sweep Houston preformed on your home. The first being annually, this would be if you don’t normally burn or if you have just moved into your home and are unsure of the condition of your fireplace and chimney. If you have already gotten your chimeny sweep Houston done for the season and have since burned over a coord of wood we suggest getting another cleaning to ensure any loose soot and creosote is removed from the flue to lessen build up and fire hazard over the season. Another situation that would call for an almost immediate need for chimney sweep Houston would be in the case that an animal or bird has gotten into your chimney and nested there, getting their nesting materials out will ensure that they are not the cause of a fire higher up in your chimney.

How should you prepare for a chimney sweep Houston on your home?

One of the most important things we ask is that you not have a fire in your fireplace the day before a chimney inspection or sweep. This may seem like a silly thing to mention in the summer months but come fall and winter when you are having much more regular fires we have to remind customers of this as the firebox needs time to cool before our technicians can safely climb into the firebox and chimney. The firebox and flue can absorb quite a bit of heat and normally take 12-24 hours to cool completely, making sure to note the date of your chimney sweep Houston and setting reminders to not burn the night before helps up to give you a full and safe inspection.

Another thing to do in preporation for a chimney cleaning and inspection is to clear out anything in your firebox, if you have a television, candles, photos or anything else in the firebox we ask that you remove these things before your appointment to afford us a full and clear view of all of the parts to your firebox and chimney. Sometimes through lack of use the fireplace becomes a space of other items, while this is okay as long as there is no gas or pilot light running to the firebox we do need it cleared out in order to fully inspect the space.

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