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Who is the best Houston chimney sweep?

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When you need a Houston chimney sweep who is the best to call?

It’s that time of year again to heat your home for family gatherings, dinners, and simply because you just don’t want to go to sleep in a cold house. As a native of Houston, Texas, I know how brutally cold the winter months can be. The average temperature for Houston during the winter has been 47 degrees! Just as there is more than one way to skin a cat, there are more energy efficient methods to combat the chill of your home than just turning the heat up on the thermostat. One way in particular would be to utilize the most ignored, yet fascinating appliance in the home; the fireplace. The fireplace will provide the warmth you desire for the winter months, but once their season is over, they must be maintained with inspections, cleanings, and repairs if necessary. Without this maintenance, your fireplace and chimney will no longer be a fascinating appliance, but a complete fire hazard.

To maintain the upkeep of your chimney, you need a company certified in Houston Chimney Sweeps. Houston Chimney Sweeps have become more and more popular over the last few decades with the rise in the number of house fires in the city. Statistically, there are over 2,000 house fires per year caused by chimneys that weren’t quite equipped for burning wood yet.

A licensed chimney sweep company is the only entity with the qualifications to perform a sweep of your chimney to make it equipped for housing a fire. Ignore the door-to-door salesman (con-men) that promise insurance will cover the expenses. These “organizations” are inexperienced and do not have the certifications that we have to properly sweep your chimney.

Local Chimney Service

Houston chimney sweeps are essential in maintaining a consistent, healthy fire, and also maintaining a healthy chimney. Over time, you constantly burn your fireplace and a highly flammable byproduct called “creosote”, commonly known as soot, accumulates along the walls of your chimney. This is not only a fire hazard, but creosote is not a silent pollutant. It produces a strong, foul odor in your home until it is removed; not to mention the probability of some repairs that may be needed before the fire burning season begins.

Houston chimney sweeps should be performed at least once a year to ensure the health of your chimney and the fire it houses. There are a plethora of Houston chimney sweeps to choose to service your home. Call me biased, but I’d enlist the help of a company that’s been in the business long enough to establish a track record; an excellent one at that.

Google us, check our ratings, and then give us a call at Masters Services for your Houston Chimney Sweeps.

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