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What Real Estate Agents Need to Know about Houston Chimney Sweep

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You don’t have to be a Houston chimney sweep to know the basics!

When setting out to become a real estate agent there is so much learn. So many classes to take. After hours upon hours of studying there are the state and national exams that must be passed for you to receive your real estate license. Once you have obtained them, there is still more that you have to learn in the field. Whether you are helping a family buy a home or single individual sell one, there is always a checklist to complete. One of the most important items on the list is the hiring of a Home Inspector to evaluate the condition of the home. The Home Inspector will come out with their own checklist of items that need to be in tact before the sell or purchase of the home. Once this Home Inspector submits his report, negotiations will take place on whether the seller will have the items repaired or if the cost of the repairs will be taken off the purchase of the home and then buyer can have the repairs done at a later time.

What about the chimney?

Although the home inspectors do take a look into the fireplace and chimney, it’s still a best to hire a certified fire expert to complete a full inspection even if a Houston chimney sweep may not be needed. They are able to come out and make sure the fireplace is fully up to code. They will also check the flue for any rust and missing mortar, the smoke shelf for any debris, look for seperation in the lintel any hazardous cracking and any other issiues. The technician will also get on top of the roof when necessary to make sure there are no exterior issues that you can’t see from the ground.

As a Real Estate Agent, this could arguably be one of the most imortant items on the list. If if a fireplace is not properly inspected and it is used, it could in some cases cause countless expense in unknown damage as well as the worse case senario of chimney and house fire. Taking the correct preventative measures leaves you with peace of mind that the house and chimney you’ve sold is safe for use and not a hidden money pit.

So whether you are selling a home for your client or helping them purchase one, contact Masters Services to have a certified profressional come out and provide you with a Houston chimney sweep and inspection today at 713-723-4854!

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