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Save Your Chimney with Spring Chimney Repairs

Save Your Chimney with Spring Chimney Repairs

Call Masters Services at (713) 723-4854 to schedule Spring chimney repairs.

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Because we are still in the middle of a blazing hot Texas summer, it’s only natural that you probably aren’t giving your chimney much thought. However, before you know it, the sweltering heat will be over, and winter will be right on top of us. When that first chilly night blows in, and you want to gather around a nice cozy fire with your family friends, will you be fully prepared to do so? Get ahead of the game and begin making preparations now for the upcoming winter season by calling Masters Services and setting up a time for us to come out and do an inspection, a sweep, and any Spring chimney repairs that need to be made to get your chimney into tip top shape. We have been in business for over sixteen years and we will be able to do virtually any Spring chimney repairs necessary.

Was your chimney working just fine last winter?

If so, you may think you don’t need to do anything to get it prepared for the winter. However, you should get an inspection at least once a year to make sure everything is actually in good working order. Some people operate under the notion that an inspection is only needed if something goes wrong; however, this is not the case. Sometimes, Spring chimney repairs need to be done, but you as the homeowner may not really be able to tell. If you just go ahead and get the inspection, you can avoid a buildup of Spring chimney repairs that need to be done by detecting problems early on and handling them immediately. If you skip the inspection and Spring chimney repairs need to be done but you don’t know about them and therefore they are ignored, some serious consequences such as property loss and house fires could occur. Getting an inspection is about more than just being a responsible homeowner; it’s also about protecting the life of yourself and your family. Inspections don’t take long, maybe 30 or so minutes, and they will reveal any Spring chimney repairs that need to be done. Once you learn about the repairs, you should act quickly to resolve any issues.

While you’re getting your inspection, you may also opt to get a chimney cleaning. At Masters Services, we build the price of the inspection into the cleaning for your convenience. If you’re not sure if you need a cleaning or not, you can find out from the technician who performs your inspection.

For more information, call Masters Services at (713) 723-4854 and ask about Spring chimney repairs.

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