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Masters Services is the Best Houston Chimney Sweep!

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Our family-owned and operated business has been serving the greater Houston area for over 25 years.
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Masters Services is the best Houston Chimney Sweep service provider. Why? Expert care for the Houston community means they deliver professional and attentive chimney and masonry service. They have two Certified Chimney Professionals on staff, one being a Certified Master Chimney Technician.

Houston, Texas! Home of the Texans, Astros, Dash, Rockets and the Dynamo and let’s not forget the Oilers, the throwback name of the Tennessee Titans. (Depending on your age, you may already know this.) It’s the 4th most populated city in the nation. I can only imagine how many homes cover the 8,778 square miles. I wonder how many homes with fireplaces are nestled on all of those acres. Why does that question arise you ask? Because Masters Services is the best Houston Chimney Sweep!

Getting a Houston chimney sweep done on your home is not hard, we can help!

Today, when it comes to a Houston Chimney Sweep as a term, used more in regards to the actual cleaning of the chimney. When people call a chimney company, they will state that their chimney needs to be swept or they need an inspection and sweep. They don’t call in and ask for a chimney sweeper. The technicians also look a little different from those days as well. Instead of a beret or a top hat, it’s a fitted cap. Instead of suspenders, it’s now a belt. And the pants they wear, are usually long enough to cover their ankles! In another blog we will go deeper into the history of Houston Chimney Sweep. That’s actually a little heavier than I choose go for at the moment. The greatest change of all is that no one has climb up in the chimney to clean it now! They use a chimney brush instead. So if anything gets stuck, it will be the brush.

Fireplace burning wood after a professional Chimney Service. Chimney Sweep Near Me Wood Burning Fireplace

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Call Masters Services Houston to get started today! Your chimney inspection will ensure that your chimney is up to code standard and keep your home safe.

When is the last time you…

When is the last time you had a chimney inspection or chimney cleaning? If you are wondering what a chimney inspection even is, you’re past your due to have one done! A chimney inspection is when a professional chimney sweep inspects the interior and exterior of your chimney, looking for any potential hazards. There are many ways a chimney could be putting your home at risk for fires or leaks. This is dangerous because chimney fires spread very quickly and typically result in a devastating house fire.

How We are the Best Houston Chimney Sweep Service

There are many reasons why Masters Services is the best Houston chimney sweep service. When choosing a company to serve you and your family’s chimney needs, you need to ensure they ae educated and understand chimney material. If even one chimney repair is completed incorrectly, your home could now be at risk for fire hazards and severe water leaks. These are serious matters that could poetentially put your family’s lives at sake.

As of right now, we have two Certified Chimney Professionals on staff, along with our founder also earning his Certified Master Chimney Technician certificate. Most chimney companies scam their customers and complete work with little to none professional experience. Although, Masters Services sees the dangers in handling services this way. Therefore, we take drastic measures to guarantee Masters Services doesn’t make these careless mistakes.

Did you know that not all chimney companies are certified professionals? Masters Services has two Certified Chimney Professionals on staff, one being a Certified Master Chimney Technician.

We are now in the process of getting everyone in our company certified to ensure every single one of our employees has the peak skill set for our customers. This would mean every techinican would earn their Certified Master Chimney Technician certificate.This is important because when considering to hire a chimney professional you would want to know he actually knows the current codes and procedures in the hearth industry.

All of Masters Services fireplace and chimney inspections are provided by email and printed with images, explanations, and videos. To my knowledge other chimney company is doing both. Video inspections are the most important service we provide proving the chimney lining integrity is either in good condition or is in need of relining. The best Houston chimney sweep does video inspections with well written home style inspection reports.

Houston homeowners should make sure when receiving an estimate or a chimney safety inspection that it is clear and informative. The inspection or estimates should have images for each item inspected, pass or fail per item inspected or estimated, and or code cited for repair that may be needed.


Chimney Liner Inspected

A chimney liner is the outer layer lining the inside of the chimney flue. A liner is required per fire code NFPA 211. The liner must be crack free and smooth. Chimney service providers that have not been certified would not know this fire code. The chimney lining can ONLY be inspected by a video camera on a pole going up the entire chimney. A liner inspected by eye sight or a flashlight is not properly passing any chimney for fire safe worthiness. You just cannot simply see the middle of the chimney even if its big and clear all the way up.

Camera Inspection Dallas Chimney Sweep
Masters Services Certified Chimney Professional Sweep
As a Certified Master Chimney Technician, I have seen too many flues that looked safe only to find out there id a huge crack or missing mortar half way up the chimney. These are chimneys that clearly look easy to see but you simply just cannot see it enough to accurately pass the chimney for safe usage.

Smoke Chamber Paring

A repair that is often not know by a non certified chimney company is the proper inspection of the smoke chamber. Is the smoke chamber lined and smooth leading up the the flue. If not, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA Code 211) clearly states that the smoke chamber must be parged smooth to pass inspection. You would not even know that if not certified!

chimney smoke chamber relining

If your brick is stair stepping above the damper to the start of the chimney flue then your chimney doe not pass inspection. Masters Services is the best Houston chimney sweep because we follow all safety codes guide lines for chimney repairs. We have purchased the equipment to properly parge a smoke shelf properly. A relining of the smoke shelf that has been parged is a common repair that we find in chimney inspections. Linings are less expensive because it takes about one third of the time to line versus parging.

Masters Services provides chimney and masonry services in Houston location because we care so deeply about this area and all of our customers that live here. If you live in the Houston area, give us a call to schedule an appointment with Masters Services for a chimney inspection and or cleaning! When you are preparing this season for your Houston chimney sweep, call the best around, Masters Services (713) 723-4854.

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