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Is it time for your Houston chimney sweep?

Rusty Chimney Cap Before Repairs
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How can you tell if it is time to get your Houston chimney sweep?

We have customers ask all the time, “when should I get my chimney sweep done?”. This is something that can vary house to house depending on how much you burn and use your fireplace. One thing that we always suggest is to get a yearly chimney inspection if you are unsure of what needs to be done. During the inspection our technician will look over about 20 points of your chimney including if you need a Houston chimney sweep preformed.

As a certified Chimney sweeping company in Houston, We can’t stress enough how important it is to have that yearly inspection and chimney cleaning done to not only help prevent chimney fires but to prevent any furthering any damage that may already be present.

As the winter months approach us, don’t be a victim of chimney fires!

Getting an annual Houston chimney sweep preformed on your home will help to identify any trouble spots or non-functioning parts in the chimney and get these addressed before anything gets extremely damaged and in need of rebuild. Keep in mind the safety of your family and beloved pets and have your fireplace cleaned and inspected by a Certified Chimney Professional. Now is a good time to schedule that appointment you have been overlooking before burning season begins to ensure the overall safety of your fireplace and give you peace of mind. Because proper care and attention will help protect against unnecessary fires and carbon monoxide poisonings.

When you get a Houston chimney cleaning the chimney technician will start by preforming a chimney inspection on about 20 different points of your fireplace, this will look at everything such as your damper, flue and chimney cap to ensure they are each working as they should. Once this is complete, they will bring in a clean tarp and tape off your fireplace as needed. Then their chimney brushes and other tools are set up and prepared to send up the chimney. During the chimney cleaning the brushes are sent up the chimney about 2-4 inches at a time scraping out the built up creosote while the HEPPA filtered HVAC collects anything falling down into the firebox.

Whether your in the market for a Houston chimney sweep, a new chimney cap, fireplace doors or firebox repairs Masters Services can help you! We have highly trained technicians experienced with all aspects of chimney repairs. Call the best Houston chimney sweep today to schedule your appointment, Masters Services (713) 723-4854.

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