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Houston Chimney Sweep is Important

Houston Chimney Sweep Smoke

Before you start a fire in your fireplace, you may want to call a Houston chimney sweep, especially if you haven’t used your fireplace in a long time. This will ensure that your fireplace will function efficiently and safely. In this post, we’re going to share a few helpful tips on how to start a fire in your fireplace.

The first thing you will want to do is use dry wood and paper for kindling. Make sure you start off using small pieces of wood. You can always add larger pieces later on. Make sure you only use paper that hasn’t been coated with any kind of toxic chemicals or glue.

Avoid using color coated paper. Examples of this type of paper would be the mailers and colored sales papers that you get in the mail. This can let off toxic fumes in the air. Then you’re going to crumple up a few pieces of paper. Then place them neatly in the middle of your firebox. You’re going to place them on the fire bricks of the stove.

Avoid using any kind of grate in your fireplace because this is a fire hazard. Some people think that by using a grate it will elevate the fire. This is extremely dangerous, so avoid using this method.

Houston Chimney Sweep Services

Many, if not most chores have become automated by machines. We no longer tote our laundry to the river and dishes are now done in quiet, modern appliances. One job that will always require a human is chimney sweeping. Masters Services is your Houston chimney sweep whenever you need us.

Please don’t attempt to clean out your chimney all by yourself. For starters, you probably do not have the proper sort of tools.  We are Master Services and we are all about inspecting, cleaning, maintaining and rebuilding brick chimneys. If you enjoyed the warmth and crackle of a lovely roaring fires in your fireplace, you will need to schedule occasional visits by an experienced Houston chimney sweep. Houston fireplace owners entrust their chimney cleaning needs to Masters Services. We are a family owned and operated private company. We are not a franchise. We can clean the dangerous residue from parts of your chimney that you will never even see. A clean chimney is a safer chimney and only a trained and able Houston chimney sweep can do the job properly.

In certain European countries, such as Poland and Croatia, people rub a button of their coat when they walk past a chimney sweep. In the UK, the elders say that when a blushing bride sees a chimney sweep on her wedding day, it will bring wealth and good luck into the new marriage. We can’t really say if all this is true, but we can tell you truly that if you use your fireplace, you need a Houston chimney sweep. It’s wonderful to enjoy a fragrant, crackling fire when it’s cold outside. Over time -and it doesn’t take long- creosote and soot build up on the inside walls of a chimney. The only effective way to remove this dangerous buildup is to hire a Houston chimney sweep.

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If you’re thinking about using your chimney for the first time in a long time, consider hiring a Houston chimney sweep.

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