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Chimney Sweeps Houston Fun Facts

Chimney Relining After Mortar Spraying

Masters Services was founded by high school sweethearts, Chad and Christa Murray in 1995. As their family and business expanded they invited more family and friends in to help with the expansion. They then expanded into the Houston chimney sweep and added Chad’s best friend Brian and his wife Angela as Co-Owners and wildlife specialists.

Now in 2013, Masters Services is the highest rated Houston Chimney Sweep in the Houston area. This year marks the 5th publication for Masters Services in the EBSCO Best Picks Reports. As you can see from our reviews on Google, Home Advisor (commonly known as Service Magic) and Angie’s List, our technicians are highly trained and proud of what they do. We manufacture our own chimney caps and are so certain of our product we offer Lifetime Warranties on them at no additional charge.

The songs of the Chimney Sweepers in Houston

Mary Poppins is a classic Disney movie. One of the most famous scenes from the film is that of Bert, played by Dick van Dyke, as a chimney sweep, Houston being far from his customer base, singing a song called Chim Chim Cher-ee to Mary Poppins and the children for which she is caring.

During the singing of Chim Chim Cher-ee, there are several chimney sweeps seen dancing on rooftops, jumping into chimneys, and popping back out of them. This is something that the professionals at Masters Services will not do. They have yet to hire a singing, dancing chimney sweep. Houston customers can rest assured knowing that their hired chimney sweep will not be dancing on their roof while he is supposed to be doing his titular job.

The chimney sweep profession can be very dangerous even if the sweep is not dancing on the roof. The profession is regulated by two bodies in the US: The Chimney Safety Institute of America and The National Chimney Sweep Guild.  Certifications for chimney sweeps can be issued by two organizations: Certified Chimney Professionals and The Chimney Safety Institute of America. Certification for chimney sweeps who reline chimneys are issued by Certified Chimney Professionals.

Masters Services provides a safe, professional chimney sweeps Houston residents need. Sweeping a chimney is a safety necessity. A buildup of soot can easily catch fire if allowed to sit, stay, and build up inside the chimney. This buildup could easily catch fire when a fire is burning in the fireplace.

For any hired job, Masters Services will send a certified chimney sweep. Houston customers will receive a no mess clean guarantee. The cleaning process takes thirty to fourth-five minutes from start to finish. The Masters Services chimney sweep professional follows a proven-to-work, seven-step procedure to ensure their no mess cleaning is a viable claim. First, the chimney sweep will set up a tarp. Second, the equipment is brought inside. Third, the sweep’s vacuum is turned on. Fourth, the sweep will clean pipe with poles that have a chimney sweep brush at the end and run poles with brushes to the top of the chimney. The vacuum cleans up all the falling creosote, or soot. Fifth, he will clean all the sides of the firebox and the damper with hand brushes. Sixth, the professional will take all of his equipment back outside. Lastly, the employee will wrap up his tarp, and take the mess with him.

Masters Services, the best chimney sweeps Houston residents can find, is located at:

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