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Chimney Sweeping in Houston

Call Master Services (713) 723-4854 for help with chimney sweeping in Houston.

Most likely you have not used your fireplace in the last few months, getting chimney sweeping in Houston done now is the perfect chance before winter is upon us and you are looking to get fires burning again for the season. Most people enjoy the use of their fireplace throughout the year and only look to get it cleaned or serviced when they notice that it smells off, or there is something wrong. This is quite the opposite of what should occur for good chimney maintenance. Getting your chimney sweeping in Houston done yearly or for the fireplaces that are used quite frequently, they should be cleaned after every cord of wood that you burn. Waiting mush longer than this can end up with problems for your chimney, like chimney breath.

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When you are looking for who can assist you with chimney sweeping in Houston make sure that you find a company that has Certified Chimney Professionals to help you. This will ensure that the work done in and on your home is up to the safety standards and codes needed on your chimney to make sure there are no chances of damage to your chimney or home. When a chimney sweeping in Houston is completed on your home there should be no additional work or cleanup for you to personally do, your home and chimney should be clean and ready for regular use.

Master Services has been chimney sweeping in Houston for over 16 years now. Our company was started by Chad and Christa Murray as a family owned and operated company. As our company and family expanded we extended our reach to the greater Houston area. In our attempt to offer our clients the best quality work and products for their homes we have owned and operated our own metal fabrication shop where we custom make chimney and flue caps for homes. Each of these caps come with a transferable Lifetime Warranty. We are not your fly by night chimney sweeping in Houston company, we are here to ensure the safe and enjoyable use of your fireplaces.

If you are in need of chimney sweeping in Houston, call Master Services (713) 723-4854 for fast and high quality work in your home.

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