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Chimney Sweep Houston by Masters Services

Chimney Example on House in Houston

Don’t try to clean your chimney by yourself. For one thing, you probably do not have the proper sort of tools.  We are Master Services and we are all about inspecting, cleaning and rebuilding brick chimneys. To speak with a real chimney sweep, Houston residents call 713.723.4854.

If you enjoyed some lovely roaring fires in your fireplace over the winter, you really ought to schedule a visit from an experienced chimney sweep. Houston fireplace owners trust their chimney cleaning needs to Masters Services. We are a family owned and operated private company. We are not a franchise. We can clean the fire prone residue from parts of your chimney that you will never even see. A clean chimney is a safer chimney and only a trained and able chimney sweep Houston can do the job properly.

Professional Chimney Sweep Houston

In Poland and Croatia, people like to rub a button of their shirt or coat when they walk past a chimney sweep. In the United Kingdom, the old ones say that when a blushing bride sees a chimney sweep on her wedding day, it will bring wealth and good luck into the new marriage. We don’t know if all this is true, but we can tell you without any doubt that if you use your fireplace, you need a chimney sweep. Houston is a great city in which to live and work, but the fall and winter seasons can be chilly and damp. It’s wonderful to enjoy a crackling fire when it’s cold and windy or rainy outside. Over time -and it won’t take long- creosote and soot build up on the inside walls of a chimney. The only effective way to remove this dangerous buildup is to hire a chimney sweep. Houston residents know to call on Masters Services for our chimney cleaning and varmint relocation services.

Part 2: Tips on How to Start a Fire in Your Fireplace

After you have hired a chimney sweep Houston, now you’re ready to enjoy your wood burning fireplace all season long. In a previous article, we shared the first few steps to getting your fire started in your fireplace. Here are the next few steps to follow to ensure you have a long-lasting fire in your fireplace.

Make sure you open the air control within your fireplace. You can close your door, just make sure you leave it open a little. This will allow air into the fireplace. This will also help your fire burn faster. Avoid leaving your fireplace door completely open, otherwise you’ll run the risk of having fire sparks. This can cause an uncontrollable fire and even injury. Once you finally get the fire started, it may require more kindling to help keep the fire burning.

Once your fire has started up nicely, don’t use additional paper. Also, it is important that you NEVER add anything, such as plastic or other items to burn your fire; this can result in a fire hazard and even injury.

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Having a nice fire in your fireplace during the winter months will not only help make your room a lot cozier, it can also help in reducing the cost of heating your home. If you need your chimney cleaned, contact a chimney sweep Houston today. To find out more information on chimney sweeping services, visit our quote page

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