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Chimney Cleaning in Houston

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There are 101 reasons that you chimney may not be functioning properly. Quite honestly the topic of why chimneys and fireplaces work along with how to properly build them has been the topic of debate for centuries. All the way back to what the best way to stack the rocks around the campfire to now and all along it has been know that the basic functioning of a chimney and fireplace is dependent on the fact that hot air rises. The air inside of your chimney and fire box are hotter than the air outside of the chimney and thus the air rises and pulls the cooler air from inside of your home up and out with it keeping the fire fanned.

One key element in keeping your fireplace and chimney functioning properly is whether or not your chimney is clean. Chimney cleaning in Houston and the accumulation of soot in your chimney can seriously affect the way your chimney preforms. As the layers of soot build up in your chimney it physically restricts the flue, constricting the area that the hot air has to escape the chimney through. Consider that 1/2” of buildup will restrict the air flow by 17% in a typical masonry fireplace chimney while in the average prefab chimney the same amount of buildup can reduce the air flow by 30%.

Another factor that can affect the air flow in your chimney is the presence of animals, nesting materials and even leaves and other debris. Getting chimney cleaning in Houston can help to ensure that the proper air flow through your chimney is maintained, helping that hot air to rise and the cooler air to replace it. There have been times where technicians have gone to preform a chimney cleaning Houston and found that 4 feet of the chimney has been filled with leaves and twigs, all from nesting squirrels. If a fire has been lit in this fireplace the flow of air would have been the least of the homeowner’s concerns. While there is no way for me to promise the outcome of a situation that never occurred, there most definitely would have been a chimney fire.

Master Services (713) 723-4854 can help you with any of your chimney cleaning in Houston needs, as well as offer full chimney inspections to ensure that your fireplace and chimney are preforming perfectly.

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