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Chimney Cleaning Houston

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Chimney cleaning Houston can be something that homeowners put off for too long. Chimneys should be cleaned each cord of wood that is burned or at least once a year. Waiting much longer can start problems in your chimney that in some cases are only noticed once it is a problem with the creation of chimney fires and so on. Chimney fires can occur where there is a large buildup of creosote, nesting materials from animals has caught on fire or even the animal itself is still in your chimney. The key to this is that regular chimney cleaning Houston will help to ensure there is nothing that will block your chimney from preforming properly.

When Master Services does a chimney cleaning on your home it is a guaranteed no mess cleaning. What this means is that the technician who preforms your chimney cleaning Houston will tarp off the area before beginning work. The chimney brushes are then sent up the chimney at about an inch at a time to clear any creosote that has accumulated in your chimney. While this falls there is a HEPA filtered Hvac that is running down in the firebox to clear dust and dirt as it falls, thus preventing the dirt from getting into your home or your air circulation. It is through this that getting regular chimney cleaning Houston done can help to prevent outbreaks of allergies. Once the cleaning has been completed a full top to bottom inspection will be completed on your chimney to ensure its full safety and function.

This inspection covers anything that could be wrong with your firebox, chimney and chase. Getting any of these points repaired and corrected prior to your next fire will ensure that you, your fireplace and home are safe during your burning. There are over 25,000 chimney fires annually in the United States, while not all of these fires were caused by the lack of cleaning, by getting chimney cleaning Houston done on your home annually you are one step ahead of any damage that may have occurred since your last use of your fireplace. And what better time is there to get your chimney cleaned then at the end of the season, before it sits unused for a few months.


In getting chimney cleaning Houston done now you are not only getting any allergens cleared out of your home before they sit for a few months during the summer but you are also getting your chimney ready for the next time you want to have a fire with no concerns.

When you are ready for chimney cleaning Houston call Master Services (713) 723-4854 for help from a Certified Chimney Professional.

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