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Call a Certified Chimney Professional for your Houston Chimney Sweep

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If you need help with a Houston chimney sweep, call Masters Services (713) 723-4854 for help from a Certified Chimney Profesional.

When it comes to your home and the working systems in it like you air and heating, water heating and filtration as well as your fireplace and chimney, getting professional preventive maintenance regularly will help to not only ensure that your systems are functioning properly but also that you are not spending money through incorrect function.

We have customers call us back after inspections and repairs to thank us for helping bring down their heating and air costs more times than we can count. The main culprit in that situation is the damper in the chimney, when you have a damper that is broken, not closing or opening properly or just missing all together there is an unblocked hole in your home letting air flow in and out unrestricted.

Having a Certified Chimney Professionmal come out to preform a Houston chimney sweep on your home will help to ensure that anything on your chimney or fireplace that needs repair to ensure it is functioning properly and is safe for fire use is noted and repaired when you are ready.

When a Masters Servivces Houston chimney sweep comes to your home, we start out will a full inspection on your home starting in the firebox and going all the way up to the chimney cap to ensure that every part of your fireplace is doing exactly what it should. A part of the inspection is ensuring that any built up soot in the fireplace or any other debris is cleaned out, making sure there is no fire risk from materials in the chimney. A Houston chimney sweep can also help to remove sources of bad smells in your fireplace or chimney stemming from the build up.

Chimney water leaks are another issue that Houston chimney sweeps can help you with. There are many reasons that your chimney could be allowing water in. We start with a full water leak inspection on your home looking at everything from your chimney cap to your flashing as well as your bricks or siding itself, is your chase allowing the water in? When it comes to Houston chimney sweep that is not all that we do, we are your full service chimney company that can assist in any sort of chimney repairs needed to ensure that your chimney and fireplace are safe for use.

For help with all of your Houston chimney sweep needs, call Masters Services at (713) 723-4854.

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